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‘Yellowstone’ Star Ian Bohen Discusses Possibility of Someone Filling Jimmy’s ‘Newbie’ Role

by Amy Myers
Photo Credit: Paramount Network

With Yellowstone character Jimmy Hurdstrom [Jefferson White] returning to the Four Sixes ranch, the Dutton ranch needs a new protege, and star Ian Bohen has an idea who that could be.

When Jimmy first agreed to get the Yellowstone brand, he had much to learn about being a ranchhand, from riding a horse to handling livestock. But, as we know, the newbie underwent a huge transformation since his first time on a saddle, and even more so now that he’s back from Texas. The process was nothing short of impressive, especially considering Jimmy’s shady background, but it wasn’t easy. And it’ll take someone with substantial strength, both physically and mentally, to replace him.

Ian Bohen, the Yellowstone actor behind Ryan, doesn’t believe that his character is quite up for the task just yet, but he does think another member of the bunkhouse has the potential to be the “newbie.”

“Yeah, we could transition Teeter [Jennifer Landon] into that,” Bohen told TV Insider.

Since Teeter arrived at the Yellowstone ranch, it was clear that she just wanted to be treated like the rest of the ranchhands. She spits, swears and rides just as well as anyone else, and she has proven she deserves the Dutton brand. So, Teeter could very well be the next contestant.

“Yeah, she’s tough as nails,” Bohen added. “No question about it. And she’s got a good a good future, I think, coming up.”

Could the ‘Yellowstone’ Buckle Bunnies Step Up to the Plate, Too?

Bohen also posed an alternative theory that Laramie and Mia may take the spotlight instead.

“Or, if the buckle bunnies stick around, we could kind of insert and rotate and have a starting rotation of new people to fix that,” the Yellowstone actor said.

“If Jimmy’s gone, we’re not gonna get a new low man. He’s too beloved. So I think it would be a major shuffle at that point possibly, but I’m not sure. I’m just guessing about this stuff because I have no idea what Season 5’s going to look like.”

As we know, Mia had some excitement in the Season 4 finale when Jimmy announced his engagement to Emily. Following the scrap, she realized that she had lost her love for good. This could be the beginning of the end of Mia’s storyline. Or, she could make this heartbreak the turning point in her life that pushes her to become a reliable and skilled ranchhand.

It’s possible, too, that Laramie could steal the spotlight. Besides her love triangle with Walker and Lloyd, Laramie’s primary role has been Mia’s sidekick. Perhaps her character will find some depth by branching out from underneath Mia’s shadow and becoming the second woman to receive the Yellowstone brand.