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‘Yellowstone’ Star Ian Bohen Raises Serious Questions About COVID

by Courtney Blackann
Paramount Press Center

One thing that the Bunkhouse Boys don’t worry about is politics. They’ve got Rip Wheeler and John Dutton to lead the charge on that front. The “Yellowstone” gang doesn’t often ask questions – they do as they’re told. Mostly. However, actor Ian Bohen (aka Ryan) is taking to social media to throw out some questions about the multibillion-dollar COVID relief program.

In a post on Twitter, the “Yellowstone” actor posed a question about where all the coronavirus relief funds went. Calling on journalists, Bohen asks if anyone is looking into whether that money was “funneled” to people it wasn’t meant for.

“Anyone investigating how much COVID program relief money was funneled away to unrelated recipients and thus became ultimately the largest theft of taxpayer money in history? Any journalist?” Bohen tweeted.

President Joe Biden approved a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan in 2020 – $350 billion of which was allotted for the Paycheck Protection Program. It was meant to help cushion small businesses that were forced to close their doors during the shutdown. However, not every small business received the funds they desperately needed to survive. The application was based on a first-come-first-serve basis. And chains like Ruth’s Chris Steak House received $20 million, per CBS.

The “Yellowstone” actor is calling on investigators to follow the money trail to make sure we haven’t all been scammed.

Fans React to “Yellowstone” Actor’s Question

And plenty of fans had a response for Bohen.

One person echoed his concern saying, “I’ve seen local stuff, but not much nationally. The entire thing makes me mad. A few small business owners I know desperately needed the PPP loans, and 4 locals defrauded the program to the tune of $35 million.”

Another person seemed to have questions as well.

“Over the past two years, while the #Coronavirus lasts, the world government has deceived a hell of a lot of people. There are many inconsistencies: during testing, and the statistics are somehow deceptive, which raise many questions,” the person wrote.

Further, several others shared news articles about the relief program, small businesses which were forced to close their doors, or their questions about the program as well.

While the “Yellowstone” actor isn’t all political, he often does share his thoughts about current events on his social pages.

However, Bohen is an actor first and foremost. And he loves portraying Ryan on “Yellowstone”. He once shared how working on the show is the perfect job for him.

“As a kid, I discovered my love for this giant, wild punchbowl where the sky just goes on forever. But today, something is amiss,” the actor admits. “Yellowstone [National Park] has seen changes that have hunters and ranchers, scientists and park visitors alike, concerned. Not just for the future of the park, but for the planet itself.”