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‘Yellowstone’: Ian Bohen Remembers Starring in ‘Wyatt Earp’ With Kevin Costner

by Courtney Blackann

While “Yellowstone’s” Kevin Costner has starred in a number of cowboy roles, “Wyatt Earp” is one of his notable ones. And he was actually joined by a fellow “Yellowstone” cast member prior to their days on the series.

Speaking in an interview with Jefferson White for the Yellowstone Official Podcast, Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan, a bunkhouse boy and a livestock agent, says he remembers playing a young Wyatt Earp alongside Costner.

At the time, Bohen was 15 years old, he says. He played the part while learning what it meant to be a cowboy. He did this under the guidance of Kevin Costner.

“I got cast in a film called ‘Wyatt Earp,’ and I played young Wyatt, and Kevin, when he shot that movie was the age that I am now. And I played young him. And we would sit on the boardwalk of this town in New Mexico, you know on these dirt lined streets…we were sitting on the boardwalk looking at all of that stuff and he would tell me about acting and life and you know, I’m just a kid, like ‘is this what it’s like? This is a great job, I’m gonna keep doing this,” Bohen says.

He also goes on to describe how the experience has now come ‘full circle,’ saying that:

“I’m forever gonna be an actor. It was lovely. And it imprinted on me. You know, I wanted to be a cowboy since I was an infant. And that was such a dream. And that would come full circle and do the same thing again. He’d tell us the same story and we’d laugh about how young we were. And here we are doing the same stuff, sitting on fences and playing with horses. So it’s a dream.”

Jefferson White Describes Being A Little Afraid of Kevin Costner on “Yellowstone”

And since his time on the “Yellowstone” over the last four years, Bohen says he’s learned even more and he’s grateful to be one of the cowboys in the bunkhouse.

And while Kevin Costner is one of the most seasoned actors on the show, and certainly the most famous, he’s made an impact on many of the series’ actors.

This includes Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy. Much like his character, White says he’s even a little afraid of Costner, though he looks to him with great respect.

“Jimmy’s relationship to John Dutton is exactly like my relationship to Kevin Costner,” White said. “Jimmy looks up to John, and he’s constantly trying to learn from him. He has tremendous respect for him, yet he is a little bit afraid of him. And that’s exactly how I feel about Kevin. He’s the nicest guy in the world. He’s much nicer and kinder than John Dutton, but I still can’t help but be a little bit of afraid of him all the time. I mean, he’s a legend and a genius.”