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‘Yellowstone’ Ian Bohen Speaks on Ryan’s Relationships With Bunkhouse Ranch Hands

by Courtney Blackann

The infamous Bunkhouse Boys of “Yellowstone” are just a kick to watch. They’re badass cowboys who have a die-hard sense of loyalty to the ranch – but they’re also a bunch of fun. From buffalo riding and poker playing, the guys (and gals) form a strong bond. And actor Ian Bohen says that’s because they’re close in real life.

Speaking in an interview for the Yellowstone Official Podcast with Jefferson White (who plays Jimmy), Bohen opens up about his character Ryan and how he forms a bond with his fellow ranch hands, but also how as an actor, he’s gotten close with everyone in the case.

Bohen further explains how the real-life bonds reflect through the acting and through each character.

“So in the background of the piece and the show, these characters have a history we don’t know about. We don’t know how long they’ve known each other. We don’t know the depth of that, but it’s lengthy. And we don’t have that as people because we’ve just met each other so as we get to know each other more and more and more and spend more personal time and just get to know and love other people, it deepens. So of course that flavors everything you do. And things start to come out,” Bohen says.

“Yellowstone” Actor Describes Chemistry With Bunkhouse Boys

He also explains how the nuances of their off-screen relationships translate to their onscreen chemistry.

“Just like they do inside jokes and nuances because you’ve spent time – that you can’t really fake. I mean maybe the best actors can fake that. I don’t know. But stuff that just is there, and you know it’s there, and people are like ‘wow what a wonderful moment’ and you’re just like…you know, we live, and we are together, just like those guys in that place. So I think and I hope and I think that it comes through that these men are bonded.”

And while Ian Bohen loves being one of the cowboys in the bunkhouse, he remembers a time taking a lesson from Kevin Costner when he starred in “Wyatt Earp” alongside the seasoned “Yellowstone” actor. The role made him love being a cowboy – and that’s what he plans to keep doing.

“I got cast in a film called ‘Wyatt Earp,’ and I played young Wyatt, and Kevin, when he shot that movie was the age that I am now. And I played young him. And we would sit on the boardwalk of this town in New Mexico, you know on these dirt lined streets…we were sitting on the boardwalk looking at all of that stuff and he would tell me about acting and life and you know, I’m just a kid, like ‘is this what it’s like? This is a great job, I’m gonna keep doing this,” Bohen says.