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‘Yellowstone’ Star Ian Bohen Wants Ryan To Have a Love Interest

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr.: Paramount Network

There have been quite a few romantic relationships on Yellowstone, and while not every one of them has been successful, they’ve certainly all seen their drama. Now that star Ian Bohen’s character has started to unfold, he’s hoping that Ryan will have his chance at a dramatic and perhaps messy romance, too.

We don’t know too much about Ryan just yet. He’s a valued member of the bunkhouse as well as John Dutton’s trusted livestock agent. But beyond his occupation, Ryan hasn’t revealed very much about himself. It could be that Ryan has already experienced a love like Jimmy and Emily – or perhaps like Walker and Laramie. There’s plenty of room for opportunity in Ryan’s romantic life, and Bohen can’t wait until he can start exploring the more intricate parts of his character.

“I’d like to have a love interest and to watch him be a person detached from the ranch and not just an arm of that entity,” the Yellowstone actor shared with TV Insider. “Who is he as a man? How does he talk to people and what does he want and think about as opposed to just sort of a soldier? That would be interesting to me, and I hope I get a chance to look into that.”

For now, though, Bohen admitted he knows just as much about Ryan as we do.

“He’s never had a romantic interest from any of the people in his world,” he said. “So I just kind of make up stuff as I go along. Maybe it flavors it, but it’s not germane to really what the bunkhouse is about. So I just kind of fill that in here and there.”

Is There Trouble in Bohen’s ‘Yellowstone’ Future?

A romantic interest might not be the only development brewing in Ryan’s future. It’s possible that as we start to see the Yellowstone ranchhand in the spotlight, he might get himself into a bit of trouble.

According to Bohen, Ryan hasn’t really moved up the ladder on the ranch. He’s remained pretty stagnant, but with the right kind of push from the big dogs on the property, he might show his true colors.

“He would either want to stand out to Rip [Cole Hauser] or John Dutton [Kevin Costner] in some manner to show that he wants to sort of be upwardly mobile or some sort of person of dissatisfaction,” Bohen suggested. “And I’m not sure he’s ready for that. So maybe he’s just biding his time and waiting for the right opportunity. It’s hard to say.”

For now though, Ryan remains in a supporting role in the storyline until he’s ready to pursue his true intentions.

“He’s part of a wheel, he’s a spoke in a wheel, so he’s not sure what the hell he’s doing half the time, I have to be honest,” the Yellowstone actor concurred.