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‘Yellowstone’-Inspired Parody Kicks Things Off at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rich Polk/E! Entertainment/NBC via Getty Images)

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards took place last night. The awards show allows the public to vote on their favorite celebrities, songs, music, movies, TV shows, and more. During the show, we saw folks like Mariska Hargitay, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and several others take home trophies awarded by their fans. Unfortunately, the cast of Yellowstone wasn’t in the running for any awards. However, PCA host Kenan Thompson gave a hilarious nod to the show during his opening monologue.

Kenan Thompson Opens the People’s Choice Awards with a Yellowstone Parody

In the opening moments of the People’s Choice Awards broadcast, viewers saw a title screen that resembled Yellowstone’s. This one had a major change, though. A gravelly voice announces, “…and now, the season premiere of Blackstone. The title card fades and we see Kenan Thompson in a Dutton-inspired outfit. He was rocking a black Stetson hat, white shirt, and black leather vest emblazoned with the Blackstone logo.

“Well, howdy,” the People’s Choice Awards host said, addressing the audience. “I’m Kip Dutton, the only Dutton from the great wide plains of Atlanta. Now, I’m here in LA. Only took me about three weeks to get here.” Then, the camera pulls back to reveal that Thompson is sitting on a horse. He introduces her as Lucinda.

Thompson goes on to hilariously embody the spirit of the Dutton family. “We’re the royal family of ranchin’, making our way from the Dutton Ranch to Peacock. Now, we’re takin’ over all of Hollywood. That’s right, ol’ John Dutton sent me down here to Californ-i-a. So, hasta la vista, Pearsons. Ta-ta Bridgertons. It’s our time now.”

After finishing the Yellowstone parody, Thompson took center stage to address the People’s Choice Awards crowd. Before taking the stage, though, he exchanged his Yellowstone-inspired vest for a black suit coat. He did, however, keep the cowboy hat for a moment before tossing it into the audience.

The Spirit of the PCA

During his opening speech, Kenan Thompson talked about what sets the People’s Choice Awards apart from other awards shows. “Tonight, it’s all about your favorite things – the music that filled your playlists, the movies that you actually watch, the TV show’s you’re obsessed with, and all of those things have something in common. They all got less viewers than the kid on TikTok who loves corn.”

Thompson also gave a shout-out to the “60-year-old man who does his own stunts in Top Gun: Maverick. Shout-out to Tom Cruise. Later in the night, viewers across the country gave the Top Gun sequel some love. The film and its cast were up for several awards but walked away with one. Tom Gun: Maverick took home The Action Movie of 2022.