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‘Yellowstone’: Is Beth a Bigger Threat to the Duttons than Jamie?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Beth Dutton sure was a stinker in Season 4 of Yellowstone. So was Jamie Dutton. OK, so who is a bigger threat to the Duttons overall?

Let’s get down to some nitty-gritty of this matter and look at the behavior of both characters. Beth is played by Kelly Reilly; Jamie is played by Wes Bentley.

If we take a look at some of the behavior put forth by Beth on Yellowstone, then it is hard not to consider it simply reckless. For instance, she decided to put one over Caroline at Market Equities and handle her business in her way. But we go back to the Season 4 season finale and saw Caroline just get in sweet, innocent (yeah, right) Beth’s face and tell her off.

‘Yellowstone’ Boss at Market Equities Will Be Looking For Revenge in Season 5

We can say this: There was no doubt in Caroline’s mind that revenge was going to be on her mind. She didn’t have enough time to unleash her full wrath before the finale ended.

But we do have Season 5 and you can bet your Montana backside that Market Equities, which tossed Beth out the front door, will get revenge on Yellowstone. The company will and, oh yeah, Caroline is going to make Beth’s life a living hell.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Jamie. Speaking of that season finale, Beth laid a little bit of the Dutton law down on Jamie. Viewers saw this all play out when Jamie goes and visits Garrett along a creek. Yep, the Dutton boy whose biological father was Garrett ended his old man’s life with one fell bullet to the head.

Jamie Had To Deal With Getting Bounced From Governor’s Race Support By John

On top of that, Jamie took his body for a trip to the train station. Was this something we could have foreseen happening with the father-son relationship? Yellowstone has its way of making our views change during a season. That’s due to some solid work from show creator and writer Taylor Sheridan and his crew.

Yet we are not through with Jamie at all. He got a little taste of the John Dutton medicine himself. You could just see the shock in his face when John, played by Kevin Costner, is announced as getting support from Montana Gov. Lynelle Perry, played by Wendy Moniz-Grillo. Remember seeing Jamie looking like he lost his favorite dog? Oof. And there was John shaking his hand, too.

Is Beth a bigger threat than Jamie to the Duttons? We’ve laid out some points here about both of these powerful Yellowstone characters. What we do know is we will have to wait and see for Season 5 on the Paramount Network.