‘Yellowstone’: Is Jimmy Going To Be the Star of ‘6666’ Spinoff?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“Yellowstone” watchers may have said goodbye to a fan favorite on Sunday but that doesn’t mean he’s left the show’s universe.

Jimmy, who has become quite popular among “Yellowstone” watchers, is heading to Texas to join the Four Sixes Ranch. That number should ring loudly in the ears of “Yellowstone” fans. “6666” is the title of a future “Yellowstone” spinoff that will explore the world of cowboys.

The Four Sixes Ranch is one of the largest cattle ranches in the world and a “training camp” of sorts for rookie cowboys. John Dutton tells Jimmy to look at the situation as an opportunity and not a punishment. He also tells Jimmy that training at the Texas ranch is his last chance at remaining with the ranch.

“This is the last favor I call in for you,” John says. “If you screw this up — you are on your own.”

The natural question for “Yellowstone” fans is just how big of a role will Jimmy play in the “6666” spinoff. He may just be the star of the show.

It was an emotional moment for many as “Yellowstone” ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom fought back tears and left the ranch. Jimmy is being dispatched from the Yellowstone Ranch for breaking his word to ranch owner John Dutton. In a previous season, Jimmy suffers a major injury after he takes up riding bucking horses to impress a girl. After handling Jimmy’s medical expenses, John tells him that he can no longer participate in rodeo activities. Jimmy agrees but in an effort to keep his girlfriend, Mia, he gets back on the bucking horse. Almost immediately, Jimmy falls off the horse, landing hard on the ground and losing conscience. After rehabbing his injury, he returns to “Yellowstone” Ranch, only to be sent away by John.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Could Star in Spinoff

We don’t know yet just what role Jimmy actor Jefferson White will have on “6666,” is he has one at all.

It does seem as though “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is giving “6666” a head start with the most recent episode. While White may or may not be the star of the spinoff, it seems likely he will be involved in some way.

Expanding the “Yellowstone” universe has been a goal for Sheridan ever since the series took off in popularity. One spinoff, a prequel called “1883” will premiere next month. “6666” doesn’t appear to be that close to a premiere and it could be some time before it’s ready to begin.

Last night’s episode was a sad moment for “Yellowstone” fans as we see Jimmy ride away. The poor guy only wanted to impress his girlfriend.

While Jimmy may be gone from the Dutton Ranch, something tells me we’ve not seen the last of him in the “Yellowstone” universe.