Is Jimmy Leaving ‘Yellowstone’ After Season 4 Finale?

by Joe Rutland

So, we have this question on the day after Yellowstone aired its Season 4 finale. Will Jimmy Hurdstrom be leaving the show?

(Spoiler Alert! There will be events from the final mentioned from here on out.)

In case you missed it, Jimmy, played by Jefferson White, got engaged to his lady Emily, played by Kathryn Kelly. She showed off her ring in the bunkhouse, which led to a major catfight with Mia, played by Eden Brolin. Yeah, Mia was Jimmy’s old girlfriend and she got busted open.

But he’s headed back to Texas and the Four Sixes Ranch with Emily. Is he done on Yellowstone? Let’s check it out with some help from Matt & Jess.

‘Yellowstone’ Finale Features Important Scene Between Jimmy, John Dutton

An interesting moment happened between Jimmy and John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. John tells him that he didn’t have to stay in Montana. John made it clear that Jimmy didn’t owe him anything. Also, he was not going to rob Jimmy of his joy.

Then, Jimmy chatted it up with Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, later on. So, Jimmy said that he’d be going back to Texas. Hurdstrom got a bunkhouse goodbye and, well, that might get him off of Yellowstone for now.

We say for now because he’s going back to the Four Sixes. There is a spin-off in the works titled 6666. Outsiders, it would not be a far-fetched idea to think that White would show up there. Also, what about those cross-over episodes we love so much? He and Kelly, in their roles, could be a bridge between both shows.

White Is One of The Hosts For Western Drama’s Official Podcast

Additionally, Jefferson White is one of the hosts for the official Yellowstone podcast. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sure, he might be off the main show for a bit. But gone forever? No chance.

Jimmy appears to be one of the most beloved characters in this Western drama. Getting rid of him would just be a dumb move, Outsiders.

We’ll go ahead and say, for now, that Jefferson White and Jimmy Hurdstrom will be a part of the Yellowstone world for a bit longer.

You might just keep a DVR set for those reruns from Season 4 when they air on the Paramount Network. This way, you can catch up on Jimmy, Emily, and all of the other Dutton mayhem.

Also, you can go back and see where the first time both Jimmy and Emily, who is a veterinarian at the Four Sixes, met. Obviously, there are some shenanigans involving Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, in Season 4. Watch for them, too.