‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Season 4 Going to Be the Last in the Series?

by Thad Mitchell

It isn’t a discussion that any “Yellowstone” fan wants to have, but speculation is emerging that the upcoming fourth season could be its last.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite show for a new season. Many thought the fourth season of “Yellowstone” would have started by now but obviously, that isn’t the case. Fans are now speculating that show producers could hold off on the premiere until the Olympics are over. It would be a smart move by “Yellowstone” to avoid direct competition with the always popular summer games. The Olympics are set to begin late next month and conclude on August 8. The fourth season could premiere shortly after that though there is no official word on the timeline.

While there’s nothing official regarding season four of “Yellowstone,” fans are wondering if we are waiting for the final season. In a recent Reddit post, a fan claims a special edition magazine reveals that the upcoming season could be all she wrote for the show.

“Picked up this special edition and inside it says that Season 4 may be the final season of Yellowstone,” the Reddit user writes.

It isn’t exactly a pleasant thought for “Yellowstone” fans to consider season four putting a nail in the show’s coffin. Later in the thread, the Redditor posts the magazine blurb that has them worried.

“Later in 2021, we’ll finally find out what happens after a disastrous Season Three finale for the Dutton clan,” the blurb states. “The fate of almost every member is uncertain as we look to what might be the final season of the show that Paramount hopes will start a Western empire with Taylor Sheridan wearing the crown.”

‘Yellowstone’ Coming to an Abrupt End?

There is a bit of evidence that season four will be the final act for Yellowstone Ranch. Creator Taylor Sheridan has two “Yellowstone” spin-offs in the works after just three seasons of the heavily-watched show. We don’t know exactly when “Yellowstone: 1883” or “6666” will be ready for viewing, but they are coming soon. It has also been reported that several “Yellowstone” characters will be joining the cast in the latter.

Surprisingly, some “Yellowstone” fans say they would be alright with the series ending after the upcoming season.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” another Redditor says in the comments. “I don’t know how much longer they can extend this story past season 4 maybe a season 5 but anything past that would be overkill.”

Given the show’s extreme popularity and rapidly growing fan base, it seems unwise for “Yellowstone” to end after this season. It is the Paramount Network’s top show and has done very well in the ratings since the first season. Then again, shows can get stale if they overstay their welcome.

The prediction here is that season four will not be the finale for “Yellowstone” and the show will go on for a couple of more seasons.