‘Yellowstone’: Is This Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Genius’ Plan to Gain ‘6666’ Spinoff Viewers?

by Jon D. B.

Spoilers Ahead: Has Taylor Sheridan figured out a masterful, albeit frustrating, way to get Yellowstone fans watching 6666 and vice versa?

If you want the latest top-notch Yellowstone fan theories, Reddit should be your next stop after Outsider. It can be the darkest corner of the internet, sure, but the show’s board is a hivemind of passionate fans that have a lot to contribute to the ol’ Yellowstone afterparty.

Take Redditor TheBiz326 for example, who has a pretty spot-on theory as to why we’re seeing so much of Jimmy’s 6666 adventures in Yellowstone proper.

“You’ll probably have to tune into the 6666 to get the other half of Yellowstone’s plot and vice versa. Pure (evil) genius on the part of TS,” the user states.

Honestly, this checks out. A lot (and we mean a lot) of Yellowstone Season 4’s time has been devoted to setting up Jimmy’s adventures in Texas. At this point, he’s received more character development in Season 4 than the Duttons proper. While it’s been frustrating for many (including this Outsider), it may pay off if 6666 blows us away.

Redditor FrankHarad agrees, citing “You could see how flashbacks and the Jimmy storyline kinda make sense to show in Yellowstone. They arent go show anything modern day in 1883 though, that’d make no sense.”

Agreed. 1883 needs to stay a separate ordeal. That spinoff’s masterful storytelling would be crippled by modern-day Yellowstone tie-ins and boy, do I hope that doesn’t happen.

‘Yellowstone’: The ‘Star Wars’ Universe of Westerns?

User BellaGoat disagrees with TheBiz’s assessment, however. “Nah. It’ll be like the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons for Star Wars. You don’t have to watch them, but they flesh things out a little,” they say.

While this is a decent comparison, it fails to recognize one key element: timeline. Clone Wars and Rebels take place at separate points in the Star Wars timeline and flesh out separate storylines for (mostly) separate characters. This is a more apt comparison for 1883 and Yellowstone, even though the year-to-year difference is lesser.

6666, however, will take place along the same modern timeline as Yellowstone. So, as the original poster states, 6666 will likely become “required viewing” for fans of Yellowstone proper.

Will ‘6666’ Bring in Mia for Added Drama?

For this to happen, though, won’t 6666 need to bring in more than just Jimmy?

Redditor Wulfgar57 seems to think this is already the case. “6666 is also adding Mia (for love triangle drama), and everyone says Walker(Ryan Bingham) is supposed to be on there as well,” they cite.

While this would no doubt help the show create tension, Outsider hasn’t heard anything of the sort. Official casting announcements have only been made for Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Ryan Bingham (Walker).

Research shows nothing in the way of Eden Brolin (Mia) joining the show. So unless this Redditor knows something the rest of us don’t, this is far from set in stone.