’Yellowstone’s Jefferson White on Being ‘Separate From the Rest of the Cast’ in Season 4

by Courtney Blackann

Those who’ve had questions about where “Yellowstone’s” Jimmy Hurdstrom aka Jefferson White will ultimately settle down will have to wait for the season five premiere to find out. Though much speculation surrounds where Jimmy-actor Jefferson White will land next, it’s unclear whether he will take the lead in “6666” or end up back with the bunkhouse boys. But that didn’t stop White from disclosing that being separated from his “Yellowstone” cast during season four as being “nice.”

Now don’t get us wrong, Jefferson White loves being a part of the “Yellowstone” crew. But as his character developed throughout season four of the series, he opened up about filming in Texas being away from his usual crew.

According to Express, Jefferson White explains that spending time in Texas allowed him to grow closer with co-star Kathryn Kelly, who plays his love interest in the later episodes of season four.

“Kathryn and I were effectively the only cast in Texas. We were sort of separate from the rest of the cast that stayed in Montana to shoot and so it was amazing for us to have that opportunity to build that world ourselves, just us,” White explains.

Jimmy’s Future on “Yellowstone”

Jefferson White’s character Jimmy leaves the “Yellowstone” cowboys behind in order to learn to dedicate himself to ranch life. This follows a long stint in the hospital recovering from injuries sustained while attempting to rodeo again. No one is more upset that Jimmy has to go away than Mia (Eden Brolin) who stayed with Jimmy and helped nurse him back to health.

She feels betrayed – and she breaks it off with him when it’s clear that Jimmy won’t stay behind for her. Though he’s equally heartbroken, Jimmy decides that he must prove himself as a cowboy and show John Dutton he’s serious about his work on the ranch.

While in Texas, Jimmy works with the boys of the Four Sixes and his character maturely develops from there. There’s one hiccup though with all this. And it happens to be the beautiful brunette Emily. The bubbly vet tech asks Jimmy out and the two develop a trusting and quick connection.

When asked to head up to the Dutton ranch after several weeks, Jimmy brings Emily along and introduces her as his fiancé. This enrages Mia, who’s been hanging around the bunkhouse. She forces his hand, telling him to choose after the two women get into a scuffle. Jimmy makes it clear that he’s sticking by Emily’s side.

At this point, Jimmy’s (and Jefferson White’s) future is unclear. But we do see him make the decision to head back to the Four Sixes with Emily. That’s as much as we know until Taylor Sheridan graces us with the next chapter of the series.

And we’re all dying to find out what Jimmy and Emily’s future holds.