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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Hosting Show’s Official Behind-the-Scenes Podcast

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Good news, “Yellowstone” fans and podcast lovers. The show’s official podcast launches this Thursday and will be hosted by none other than star Jefferson White.

White plays Jimmy on the show, and he’s had some experience breaking down each “Yellowstone” episode. Along with Ian Bohen and Denim Richards, White leads the YouTube series “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” which is just as entertaining as the Western. Now, he’ll be turning his talents to a new medium, per PEOPLE magazine.

“I am excited to announce that I am hosting the official ‘Yellowstone’ podcast,” White said in the new trailer for the podcast.  “As you dig into all things ‘Yellowstone’ on all your screens, I’m going to be bringing you behind the scenes stories from all of your favorite cast, crew, and more.” 

The “Yellowstone” star continued by saying, “But this isn’t just your typical recap show. We are going to unpack the world of ‘Yellowstone,’ everything from rodeo to ranching to reservation. This is about getting the full picture of the culture and the community that surrounds the show.” 

Different cast members will premiere as guests on the show. White said we can expect to hear Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, the bunkhouse boys, and more. These cast interviews promise “to take you behind the scenes like you have never heard before.”

It sounds absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait to start tuning in. But for more “Yellowstone” analysis, make sure you catch Outsider’s podcast too, “Bunkhouse Breakdown.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Open Up About Jefferson White and Rest of Cast

PEOPLE Magazine sat down with several “Yellowstone” stars at a cast dinner earlier this week. They spoke to Cole Hauser and Luke Grimes about working with Jefferson White and the rest of the cast.

“Your growth in four years — just coming from me, Cole, not Rip — you have grown beautifully,” Hauser said of White. “I’m proud of you, man. I said it in the show, but I love you, I mean that from my heart. I look forward to seeing you grow in the cinematic world and also behind it and in front. You’re special.” 

Grimes also opened up about the bond between cast members, especially during filming season.

“I think everyone who’s on the show is so happy to be there,” he said. “We do feel like a family. You know, you spend a lot of time with people when you make a film or especially a television show because you go year after year, you know?” 

Grimes added, “It’s been four years that we’ll spend 12 hours a day together for months at a time. Some real bonds get created.”

We don’t doubt it. The relationship between cast members definitely shows on the screen, and it only makes “Yellowstone” that much more authentic.