‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Discussed Injuries On Set

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who watches Yellowstone has seen Jefferson White deal with injuries in his role of Jimmy Hurdstrom a lot. They hampered his life as a ranch hand working under the watchful eye of John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. But the actor himself has to watch out for the injury bug, too. There are so many things that can happen while on a horse or even just being around animals and cowboys. It’s one of those things that comes with the territory on Yellowstone.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Opens Up About Injuries

Jimmy gets a second chance at life thanks to John. Before getting the ranch hand role on Yellowstone, Jimmy was a mess. Injuries were not the only thing he had to look out for after all. He was in trouble for stealing and drug dealing, but that was before his grandfather stepped up. He asked John to give him a job.

As you know, any new employees at the ranch get branded. It is a loyalty thing. Jimmy did it. But he did go through a lot of injuries. At one time, he wanted to make some extra money. He learned how to ride for rodeos but dangerously fell off of his horse. He almost was paralyzed on Yellowstone.

Jefferson White talked about possible accidents with untamed horses. He spoke to Deadline and we have his comments in an article from Express.

Actor Says He’s Lucky That They Know ‘When To Tap Me Out’

“I’m very lucky they keep me very safe,” White said. “We have the best stunt team in the world and they are very aware of my expectations, so I haven’t been hurt yet. They know exactly when to tap me out and they take great care of me.”

On the show, Jimmy decided to ride an untamed horse with no supervision. Jimmy was flung off the horse and lay motionless. Mia, played by Eden Brolin, found him as the Duttons were being attacked. Actors work with animals on a set, so thankfully injuries like that are not reality.

When getting ready for Yellowstone, cast members were sent to live off the grid and learn how to ride horses. This did include something called “cowboy camp” and included Dave Annable. The actor played Lee Dutton in Season 1. He did not have much real-life experience on a horse. But the camp ensured his role looked believable.

Now before the show started, Annable told Outsider that he’d had “three or four days” of horse riding. “Taylor [Sheridan] really promotes authenticity,” he said about the Yellowstone showrunner. “I couldn’t be further from being a cowboy. So, getting out there and learning how to ride on a horse – it was really just a great life experience.”