‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Has a ‘Long Road Ahead’ in New Pic From the 6666 Ranch

by Jon D. B.

Jefferson White is embracing the fate of his longtime Yellowstone character, Jimmy Hurdstrom, amidst his spinoff relocation to Texas.

For four seasons now, Jimmy has been a fixture of Paramount’s most successful show. Audiences first met Jimmy Hurdstrom in the pilot episode, and he’s been in nearly every chapter since. This isn’t lost on actor Jefferson White, either. He’s the man behind Jimmy – flaws and all – and he’s embracing the newest adventure for his misguided young cowboy.

Be warned, major spoilers for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 are ahead

Jimmy has a great heart. This we know. His brain, however, needs work. When we first met the young man, he was on the verge of a life in jail. John Dutton and Rip Wheeler gave him another chance (thanks to a far less misguided Hurdstrom grandfather), and Jimmy became a cowboy in training.

It hasn’t been all bad for Jimmy, either. He’s fallen in love, made the truest friends he’ll ever have, and even discovered a talent for rodeo. Or so he thought.

All of the above would mesh into Jimmy breaking his word to John Dutton after becoming indebted to the Yellowstone kingpin. Typically, this leads to death. But because of Jimmy’s family and his own recent history on the ranch, John gives him one last chance… Down in Texas.

As Season 4 has unfolded, we’ve spent a lot of time with Jimmy. We’re figuring out the how’s and why’s of his displacement to Texas alongside him. And now we know: Jimmy has been banished from the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch. He’s now to “become a man” on the 6666 – the largest ranch in Texas and one of the most important ranches in history.

As actor Jefferson White puts it, his Jimmy has a “long road ahead” of him on this historic ranch. On his official Instagram, White shares a photo of himself beneath the ranch’s iconic name, too. Unfortunately, we cannot embed it here as it’s an Instagram Story. We can, however, link you to White’s profile in hopes that he shares the photo permanently.

Jefferson White to Become Part of the ‘6666’ Legacy

As Taylor Sheridan’s Travis explains to his character, if the 6666 can’t make a cowboy out of Hurdstrom – then nowhere or no one can. And this is exactly where Yellowstone spinoff 6666 is heading.

While we don’t know too much about 6666 outside of the location, we do know it will at least feature Jimmy’s future and use him as the connective tissue to Yellowstone proper. Eventually, Ryan Bingham’s Walker will also head for 6666. Taylor Sheridan, too, is expected to factor in as his horsemaster character, Travis Wheatley.

As Yellowstone Season 4 has shown us so far, however, it’s Jefferson White’s criminal-turned-cowboy we should expect to become the heart of the show – and a big part of the 6666 legacy.