‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Reveals the Only Time the Stunt Team Was Nervous for Him

by Jennifer Shea

Yellowstone star Jefferson White was not much of a cowboy when he started on the show. And yet his character, Jimmy, had to undergo a rigorous initiation process that involved a lot of stunts and a lot of real honest-to-goodness cowboying. That included interacting with animals running the gamut from a bear to a calf.

In a new conversation on the official Yellowstone podcast, White chatted with his co-stars Gil Birmingham and Mo Brings Plenty about the show. And over the course of a wide-ranging discussion, the scene in which Jimmy saves a calf came up.  

“A team of experts propped me up on a horse – that was one of the funniest days, Mo, because that was the only time I’ve seen the stunt team nervous,” White recalled. “The only time I’ve ever seen those guys nervous, was when they had to let go of the calf and walk away from me very slowly. I was looking at them like, ‘Guys. If you’re worried, I’m worried.’”

Yellowstone Star Went to Cowboy Camp

To prep the actors for the scenes they’d be doing and to help them fall in love with the lifestyle of Western ranchers, series co-creator Taylor Sheridan sent a small group of cast members to “Cowboy Camp,” a mountain getaway where they rode horses and even held a rodeo at the end.

“We were really given every opportunity to learn as much as we could and still fail constantly,” White said of Cowboy Camp in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Now, four years later and we are still learning. It’s a life-long pursuit.”

While fun, Cowboy Camp was a tough experience for White, now a resident of Brooklyn who knew next to nothing about ranching, rodeo or riding horses when he joined the Yellowstone cast. But he has since transformed himself into a convincing cowboy onscreen as he prepares to star in 6666.

What’s Next for Jimmy? And When Will 6666 Premiere?

When Season 4 left off, Jimmy had just said his goodbyes to his fellow Yellowstone ranch hands. His time at the Dutton Ranch had been grueling, full of hazing and steep learning curves. But when John Dutton (Kevin Costner) reacted to Jimmy’s second rodeo injury by telling Jimmy to leave for the Four Sixes, Jimmy begged his boss to let him stay.

However, Jimmy later came to thank his lucky stars that Dutton didn’t listen, because at the Four Sixes, he found a home and a fiancée. When he returned to the Dutton Ranch from there, Dutton could see Jimmy was a changed man. And so Dutton told Jimmy he owed him nothing and was free to follow his own path.

Still, how much adventure will Jimmy find on a ranch where, as he put it himself, he’s not constantly fighting for his job and for the land? It remains to be seen if 6666 will live up to the standards set by Yellowstone. But plenty of people who have followed Jimmy’s journey will be curious to find out. Thus far, producers have yet to announce a premiere date for the spinoff. Stay tuned to Outsider for further details.