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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Says Show Used Real Brand in Iconic Jimmy Scene: ‘I’ll Never Forget the Heat’

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

Recently, Yellowstone actor Jefferson White shared details about his character Jimmy’s iconic scene receiving the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch brand and how it was filmed.

The first episode of the official Yellowstone podcast was released on Thursday. White himself is the host of the new show, which is recorded in Las Vegas and brings in various stars from the hit Paramount series. While speaking about all things Yellowstone, White took listeners back to Season 1 and shared some behind-the-scenes details.

As Jimmy joined the bunkhouse, he was taken under the Dutton Ranch’s wing under one condition. He was an addict at the time, and John Dutton (Kevin Costner) wanted to be sure of Jimmy’s loyalty to his ranch. Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) gave him the option and eventually agreed to get branded with a red-hot “Y” iron. White remembers filming the scene well and said he’ll “never forget it.”

“It was very important to [Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan] that the scene feel real,” White said. “Part of what was important to accomplishing that effect was smoke, sort or rising off the brand. The only way we figured out how to accomplish that was for Cole Hauser… to use an actually super-heated brand.”

In his very first scene on the show, Jimmy took the brand. But to make it look real, production used a piece of wood with leather stretched on top of it. White held it directly over his bare chest where he’d receive the brand, and Hauser went to work.

“I will never forget the smell, which was very sort of potent and authentic,” White added. “And I’ll never forget the heat that rose off of the brand at that moment.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Reveals Trick Producers Pulled to Get Bear to Chase Him

The Yellowstone star has been part of multiple stunts past the branding scene. It comes with the territory for the cast of the popular series. In fact, in one scene, Jefferson White’s character is chased by a bear through the woods, and that wasn’t done with special effects. A real bear was involved, albeit an uncooperative one. While filming the bear scene, the huge animal simply didn’t want to chase White.

“We shot it in like late November, so it was hibernation season. So this bear was like the laziest bear you’ve ever met,” White amusingly said to People recently. “They kept trying to antagonize the bear to get it to chase me.”

White’s character had to run away from the bear and climb up a tree to avoid getting attacked by the beast. After a few attempts to no avail, the Yellowstone team finally figured out a way to entice the bear to chase Jimmy.

“What they ended up doing was stuffing my pockets full of chicken,” White recalled. “So every pocket on my body was stuffed full of a shredded chicken to try to get the bear to chase me.”