‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Shows Off His Classic Camera Collection

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone actor Jefferson White is known for being a camera collection buff. Sure, you see him playing Jimmy Hurdstrom. He plays that role on the Taylor Sheridan show. But this cat definitely loves his cameras. Recently, White showed off his different classic cameras collection for people to see. It’s quite a collection he has to pick from on a regular basis. He’s known to use one of those when taking pictures of peopel like Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Jefferson White Proudly Shows Off Camera Collection

“I feel really lucky y’all let me shoot this BTS (behind the scenes) stuff,” he said. “It’s really fun for me. I like to do it on kind of the weirdest, oldest cameras I can find. This is a Zenza Bronica S2A. It’s a weird one. It’s from, I think, 1969. (And) it’s a medium format SLR so shoots 120 film.” White said it is a single uninterrupted sheet of film “which is cool because the camera itself determines the aspect ratio.”

“So in this case, this guy shoots 6 centimeter-by-6 centimeter squares,” the Yellowstone star, who shares screen time with Kathryn Kelly as his love interest Emily, said. “We got a real freaky guy here. This is a Pentax 67II. So this is like a medium-format camera shooting on 120 film, which is a really old film format. But this camera, practically speaking, has a lot of very modern camera technology in it.”

“Whereas your Zenza Bronica, that’s a purely mechanical camera,” he said. “There’s no battery. It doesn’t have an internal light meter. It’s all sort of mechanical. You know, not electronic at all. Just really neat.”

White Calls His Nikon FM10 His ‘Favorite Just Walking Around Camera’

“This is a Nikon FM10, which is really a kind of consumer-facing 35 millimeter SLR,” the actor who also has shot Super 8 footage during Season 4 said. “This is like my favorite just walking around camera. Shooting 35 you get 36 frames a roll, whereas these puppies, this guy gives you 12 frames a roll and I think this guy’s maybe 10. So you have to be even that much more thoughtful with the images you’re taking.”

There was a time when he and Kelly were separate from the other cast members. He talked about this period of time in an interview with Express. “Kathryn and I were effectively the only cast in Texas,” he said. “We were sort of separate from the rest of the cast that stayed in Montana to shoot and so it was amazing for us to have that opportunity to build that world ourselves, just us.” Watch for them to be together on Yellowstone in Season 5.