‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Once Walked Four Miles in the Mountains With Ryan Bingham’s ‘Hallelujah’ on Repeat

by Joe Rutland

Imagine listening to a co-star perform his song called Hallelujah right in your ears. Well, Yellowstone star Jefferson White had this happen.

In fact, White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom in the Western drama, actually took a long walk into the mountains with the recording by Ryan Bingham on repeat. Yeah, Outsiders, it was a four-mile walk. Bingham plays ranch hand Walker and occasional musical maestro of the guitar on there, too.

White talks about it on the Yellowstone official podcast. Part of this story also involves the first time that the actor meets Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan.

“I just want to say, the very first time I met Taylor basically after I got this part, I went out to his house,” White says. “I was riding around, he was teaching me how to ride and stuff like that…

“And then afterwards, we were talking about the show,” he says, “talking about his vision for the show, this was before we started filming.

‘Yelllowstone’ Actor Recalls First Time Being Told About Co-Star Involvement

“The first thing he told me about was you,” White says to his Yellowstone co-star Bingham. “And that you were gonna be involved in the show, and he told me about your song Hallelujah, and this is where the story gets a little silly.

“I left his house, and I didn’t know how to ask him for a ride,” White says.

“I didn’t know how to get a ride, I was out in the middle of nowhere Park City, Utah,” he says. “So I walked from Taylor’s ranch, back to the hotel. It was like a four-mile walk, and I just listened to your song Hallelujah on a loop for four miles.”

White says he will never forget the moment.

“It was like my first week out there, learning how to cowboy, I’d never done any of this stuff,” the Yellowstone actor says. “And your song, your music has been such a sorta integral part of this experience for me from the very beginning.”

White Doesn’t Know, Like Outsiders, If Jimmy Returns In Season 5 Just Yet

If you would like to hear Ryan Bingham perform his song Hallelujah, then take a look at this video from YouTube.

White’s character finds himself in the midst of a new relationship with Emily, played by Kathryn Kelly. In fact, Emily is Jimmy’s fiancee’.

Last we saw Jimmy on Yellowstone was him and Emily heading back to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.

Outsiders, we do not know if that was the last hurrah for Hurdstrom on the show. Guess what? We will have to wait until Season 5 later this year to find out.