‘Yellowstone’: Jen Landon and Denim Richards Open Up on That Crazy Bunkhouse Scene at End of Season 3

by Thad Mitchell

A new preview trailer teasing the brand new of “Yellowstone” is circulating the internet and it has fans buzzing about what is to come.

The new trailer proclaims that the fourth season of “Yellowstone” will entail plenty of revenge — and that is exactly what fans want to hear. The trailer features the show’s cast talking about their characters and what is to come for them in season four. Both Denim Richards (Colby) and Jen Landon (Teeter) are featured prominently in the three and a half minutes video. The actors talk about their characters and what to expect in the upcoming season. They also talk about the intense scene from season three when both Colby and Teeter earn their brand. The newly formed coupled is branded by Rip Wheeler after taking part in the murder of Clint and Wade Morrow. Now fully inside the inner circle of the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew, Colby and Teeter will take up arms in the new season.

“There’s going to be a lot of consequences,” Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan says.

Sheridan’s words are music to the ears of “Yellowstone” fans who are anxious to see how the Duttons respond. It appears from the trailer that Colby and Teeter will be a part of that response.

“At the end of season three we see that everyone in the bunkhouse is now branded,” Richards says. “That means that we are all in and have the responsibility of actual fighting and being part of these battles with the ranch.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Talks Dutton Retaliation

The trailer also gives us a look at Colby holding what appears to be a baseball bat. He has that fighting look in his eye as well as he prepared for a glorious battle. Jen Landon’s Teeter is also prominent in the video as she also looks ready for a fight. We already know Teeter has a mean right cross from a fight with a motorcycle club in season three.

“The retaliation that those who wronged the Duttons are facing is one of an incomparable scale,” she says.

While “Yellowstone” fans are eager for the Dutton Ranch to declare war, we also want to see the romance between Colby and Teeter grow. The two struck up an unlikely romance in an unusual way in the third season.

After nearly being trampled to death by the Morrows, Colby gives in to his feelings for Teeter. The two share a passionate kiss before heading back to the bunkhouse. A somewhat unorthodox couple, Colby and Teeter are great together and “Yellowstone” fans want to see more of it.

How will the impending war affect the two love birds? Will see them team up to take down the entity behind the Dutton family attacks.

We will (hopefully) get answers when the new season arrives on November 7.