‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Shares Emotional Tributes Costar on Her Other Major Series

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jen Landon from “Yellowstone” is giving a sweet send-off for her fellow co-star over on “FBI: Most Wanted,” Julian McMahon. The two star in the program together alongside others like Roxy Sternberg, Keisha Castle Hughes, YaYa Gosselin, and Nathaniel Arcand.

Now, however, the whole team is going to have to say goodbye to the star of the show, McMahon. He has played FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Team Leader Jesse “Jess” LaCroix since the start of the three-season series in 2020. On Instagram, Landon shared just how heartbroken she is saying goodbye to her co-star. It’s a sweet snapshot of the two sharing a hug on the set of “FBI: Most Wanted.” She wrote, “Tonight is @julianmcmahonofficial last episode of FBI: Most Wanted. You will be missed by everyone.”

The official send-off for McMahon’s character happened during the March 8 episode titled “Shattered.” I’m about to spoil the episode if you haven’t seen it just yet.

Well, during the episode the team is trying to track down an abusive man and his ex-girlfriend. Jess was able to catch up with the woman in time as she is desperately fighting for her life. At the same time, her ex storms into the room and pulls a gun on her. Jess quickly stands in front of the woman and takes a bullet to the neck. He dies from the shot.

A Very Emotional Exit for ‘FBI: Most Wanted” Star

It was an emotional exit for the star of “FBI: Most Wanted.”

According to Variety, it’s what McMahon wanted. He approached the producers in January asking to leave the show “in favor of additional creative pursuits.” From that point, he shared Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski would both plan an exit for him that would be as “seamless” as possible. I guess that meant dying on the job.

The showrunner, David Hudgins, said they went back and forth on what to do for a while. At the end of the day, there was one option that was just the most realistic.

“We had multiple conversations about it with every option on the table, and we just kept going back to this idea that the premise of the show is that we chase the worst of the worst — the most dangerous fugitives that are out there. And inherent in that premise is the idea that it’s risky, it’s dangerous and there’s always the chance that you could get injured or killed in the line of duty. We felt like that was the exit we wanted to have for Jess,” Hudgins told the news outlet. They considered keeping him alive for future appearances but felt this was best for the progression of the story.

Now, “FBI: Most Wanted” is getting a brand new team leader. It will be Dylan McDermott, who currently has a role in “Law & Order: Organized Crime” as a powerful crime boss. We’ll first get to meet him on the episode that airs on April 12.