‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Shares Photo From Her ‘Downtime’ on Set

by Jonathan Howard

When she’s on camera, she’s a fast-talking, quick-to-fighting rancher – Teeter. But Yellowstone star Jen Landon finds room for downtime. And, she’s not quite like her onscreen character. Then again, I’m not sure if there is anyone like Teeter. Out on the ranch, there isn’t a lot to do, but there is if you really get into the lifestyle.

It seems that Landon has fully embraced the cowboy lifestyle as Season 5 of Yellowstone continues to be filmed. I’m sure Taylor Sheridan loves seeing his cast interact with the horses and really get grow their passion.

So, check out Jen Landon braiding her horse’s mane.

“My favorite thing about my job is how we get to live during our downtime,” the actress posted in her caption. She tagged the photographer, Abby Linne, and of course, the show’s official account. Folks just love Landon and her character and for very good reason.

Teeter is not just there for comedic relief, although she does that pretty well.

We keep seeing more and more glimpses into what’s going on behind the scenes. Montana is a little busy right now with Yellowstone and 1923 filming in the state. Lots of exciting things going on with the Sheridan-verse as it continues to grow.

We’ve been told one thing though, the new season is going to be focused on Beth. Her role is growing on the ranch, even if her father has scorned her. Whatever awaits, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of the Kelly Reilly character. Oh, and there’s already been confirmation from Reilly herself – we’re going to get more of Beth up on horseback. And that is honestly a little scary.

‘Yellowstone’ is Bringin Cowboy Beth to Season 5

Taylor Sheridan really does know how to keep his fans excite and happy. Reilly talked recently about getting the chance to get on horseback more in the new season. It seems like the intensity is going to ramp up. If Beth is on the back of a horse, something drastic has happened. Or, she’s made a breakthrough of some kind.

“We might be getting to see Beth more on a horse this year,” Reilly explained. “Which I am personally really excited about. I really love all the stuff in the suits and the power [for Beth]. But me, Kelly, I love being out in the wilds. And I don’t very often get a chance as Beth to do any of the cowboy stuff. But this year… This year she might.”

November seems so close yet so far away. Yellowstone fans are some of the most anxious out there right now. The Duttons are always finding or attracting trouble. What is going to come their way this season? And, who is going to find themselves at the wronged of a gun?