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‘Yellowstone’: Jen Landon’s Post Has Fans in a Frenzy About Possible Episode 4 Spoiler

by Lauren Boisvert
(Jen Landon as Teeter - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon recently posted a photo on Instagram of her in character as Teeter, and fans are wondering if her caption could be a potential episode 4 spoiler.

“It’s branding season on an all new episode of Yellowstone,” she wrote in the caption. Now, will they be branding cattle, or ranch hands? That is the question. Is there anyone new on the ranch to warrant a branding? Not that comes to mind, but who knows what episode 4 will bring. My theory: they’ll be herding in all the cattle or getting new cattle in for branding, and the Duttons are going to continue to grow the ranch until they can’t anymore.

In the comments of Landon’s photo, friends and fans showed her endless support. “Doesn’t get any better,” replied Eric Nelsen, who starred briefly on Taylor Sheridan’s other show, “1883.” One fan commented, “Every episode needs more Teeter,” while another wrote, “Your character just keeps getting better and better!!!”

Additionally, in a comment that looks suspiciously like an inside joke, “Yellowstone” photographer Emerson Miller replied, “You better FaceTime me in the next 48 hours wearing a frog pajama or else I’ll marry you.” We’re just going to leave that one here.

Previously, she’s posted a new Teeter photo for every new episode. In the first one for the premiere, “Teeter gets classy,” she wrote. The photo was of her as Teeter in a sharp button down embroidered with the Yellowstone Ranch logo and a smart felt cowboy hat and sunglasses. In the photo anticipating episode 3 Teeter is wearing her cowboy hat again with a pink button down and holding a shot of whiskey. This is most likely a still from the bar scene at the end of the episode.

Jen Landon Gets Fans Hyped for ‘Yellowstone’ Episode 4, Airing Tonight

Any way you slice it, Teeter is definitely one of the most fun aspects of “Yellowstone.” Jen Landon does a great job embodying her wild character, which just goes to show the range of her talent.

But with all this hype around episode 4, what are fans expecting from the “Yellowstone” stars? The official synopsis for the episode, titled “Horses in Heaven,” claims that John is stirring up something in the capitol, while Jamie and Beth’s feud reaches a boiling point.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss theories, with some hoping this means an end to Beth and Jamie’s petty feud. “Hopefully ‘boiling point’ means ending because the Beth/Jamie rivalry has gotten stale,” one fan noted. “Remember when Jamie almost made Beth blow her brains out? Now they just shit-talk each other.”

It seems the wind has gone out of the Beth/Jamie sails for fans, meaning they’re getting kind of tired of their hatred for each other. While some fans hope for peace between them, others think death is on the horizon for one or the other.