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‘Yellowstone’: Jen Landon’s Team Greatly Exaggerated Her Horse Riding Experience When the Show Reached Out

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

When Yellowstone contacted actress Jen Landon‘s team about starring in the series, they asked if she had any experience riding horses. As fans of the hit Paramount series know well, basically every character on the show rides and works with the animals on a regular basis. That’s why Landon’s team amusingly exaggerated about her horse riding experience to help her land the role of Teeter.

During Season 3, Yellowstone introduced fans to a handful of new characters. Arguably the most popular of the bunch turned out to be Teeter, a new member of the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse. The Texan with a thick accent that’s hilariously impossible to understand works just as hard, if not harder, than any of the male ranch hands.

Jen Landon’s role on the show continues to grow. Teeter is the only female member of the bunkhouse that didn’t lose her job. Yellowstone also gave Teeter a love interest when she and fellow ranch hand Colby (Denim Richards) became an item.

Landon was already a seasoned actress when she auditioned for the series. In fact, acting is in her blood. Jen is the daughter of legendary actor Michael Landon. But when Yellowstone followed up with Landon’s team about joining the show, her agent stretched the truth when it comes to her horse-riding expertise. The actress opened up about landing Teeter during the most recent “The Official Yellowstone Podcast” that was released earlier today.

“When I auditioned for the show, they reached out to my team and asked if I had horse riding experience. And I informed my team that I had ridden horses as a child, but not since then. And they told casting that I was a professional horseback rider,” Landon said to her co-star Jefferson White as the pair laughed.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Stopped Riding Horses Following a Scary Accident

As most fans will remember, Jen Landon’s father starred in several westerns himself. He’s best known for his role in Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza among other westerns. So it’s no surprise that Jen grew up around horses. When speaking during the podcast, the Teeter actress opened up about riding horses at a young age. However, an incident that almost killed Jen’s mother gave her a serious fear of horses for years.

“So coming in, I actually had a lot of horse fear, ’cause I did grow up with horses,” the Yellowstone star explained. “My mom had a really, really bad fall, and was dragged around an arena with her foot stuck in a stirrup. And she really shouldn’t have survived that, and I was still quite young. But that was the end of horseback riding, so I didn’t really get to reclaim that until joining the show. It was really healing on one level.”