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‘Yellowstone’: Jen Landon’s Teeter Is Cooking Something Up in Tonight’s Episode 4

by John Jamison
Paramount Press

Wait a second… Teeter is cooking? Teeter? What does this mean for Gator? If someone even so much as laid a finger on the Dutton family personal chef in Yellowstone, we’re not going to need Rip to take care of it. We’ll do it ourselves. Okay, complete overreactions aside, Teeter actor Jen Landon shared a still from tonight’s fourth episode on Instagram.

She apparently whips up a meal for the bunkhouse in the newest installment of Yellowstone Season 4. And contrary to our initial impression, it likely has nothing to do with Chef Gator. But you better believe we meant what we said. The man’s a treasure, and if the cast and crew are to be believed, Gabe “Gator” Guilbeau very well may be the secret sauce that pulls the entire show together as the head of craft services.

Tonight, however, it looks like the chef role falls to Jen Landon’s Texan ranch hand Teeter. Of course, the bunkhouse doesn’t necessarily benefit from Gator’s cooking within the world of Yellowstone. Though some fans have suggested that the hands be given some of the uneaten Dutton family food, given how much Gator prepares.

But we digress. Take a look at the picture Jen Landon shared below.

What is Teeter Cheffing Up During Tonight’s ‘Yellowstone’ Episode?

Now, the upcoming episode is a little more than an hour away from the time of this writing. But would we even be Yellowstone-loving Outsiders if we didn’t at least try to guess what Teeter cooks up?

There are a few context clues here that can help. For starters, a bowl and a spoon are pictured. That tells us we’re dealing with some sort of soup or stewed dish. So let’s look at that through the lens of Teeter. We know she’s from Texas, at least she claims to be.

Could we be dealing with a cowboy chili here? The traditionally Texan dish is often noted for its distinct lack of beans and tomato. Instead, it relies on a thick chili pepper base to bring the flavor. It seems like a reasonable guess based on the photographic evidence, but all of us food-loving Yellowstone fans are just going to have to wait and see.

Jen Landon’s Instagram Following Chimes In on Her Cooking Post

We gave you our best guess. Let’s take a look to see what some of Teeter’s fans had to say about her apparent cooking skills.

“Bout dadgum time; we need more Teeter-time on the show!” one satisfied fan replied to her post.

“Representing Whiskey Myers, nice!!” another eagle-eyed fan wrote, noticing what we missed at first glance. Teeter is rocking a Whiskey Myers shirt in the picture, repping the Texas-based country group.

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