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‘Yellowstone’ Joins TikTok With Perfect Post From ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White

by Charles Craighill
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Yellowstone Photo Gallery / Viacom

Earlier this week, the “Yellowstone” series joined Tik Tok and the fans are loving it. Jefferson White, the actor that plays the character “Jimmy” on the show, made the first Tik Tok for the account.

It should be the start to a long career on the social media app with all of the strong personalities on the show. Fans likely hope to see favorites like Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser show up on the app.


Welcome to the Yellowstone … TikTok. #YellowstoneTV

♬ original sound – Yellowstone

“Welcome to the Yellowstone… Tik Tok,” the post reads.

The Tik Tok features Jefferson White “doing that thing that Tik Tok teens do where they point at things.” The “things” that pop up are “follow us on Instagram,” “follow us on Twitter,” and “follow us on Tik Tok.”

This helps to advertise the series’ growing social media accounts. White clearly seemed like the right choice for this video with his fun personality.

For instance, he talked with Denim Richards and Ian Bohen about the on-set chef, Gator, earlier this week. “Anybody on the crew, anybody in the cast, can’t talk about this show for five minutes without mentioning Gator,” White says. The stars cannot get enough of the great food, and the fans can’t get enough of these stars.

Get Ready for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

According to actor Forrie J. Smith, “Yellowstone” Season 4 finished filming earlier this month. Smith, who plays the character “Lloyd ” in the series, made no secret of his excitement.

For instance, he said, “I give Taylor a big kiss on the cheek for bringing our culture to the forefront and making a great show out of it.” Smith, a cowboy himself, loves how the show is making cowboys cool again.

The next season is due to come out next year in mid-summer of 2021, but fans don’t want to wait. For instance, the Tik Tok channel already has 570 followers after being made earlier today. When “Yellowstone” tweeted that they would air all three seasons starting today, fans went crazy. Moreover, if Season 4 turns out half as exciting as the first three seasons, it will be well worth the hype.