‘Yellowstone’s Josh Lucas Reveals Look at When He ‘Screen Tested to Play Abraham Lincoln’

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Fans of Yellowstone know Josh Lucas as Young John Dutton, shown in flashbacks throughout the first and second seasons of the hit western. Before he took the role of Dutton’s younger self, however, Josh Lucas auditioned to play the 16th President of the United States in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

In a hilarious image posted to his Instagram account, Josh Lucas showed the uncanny resemblance between himself and Lincoln. Rather than the bold mustache and closely cropped hair we know from Yellowstone, Lucas is sporting longer locks to match those of the former President, as well as a beard and sideburns.

Beneath the image, Josh Lucas says that he posted the screen test images to bring attention to his friend Ken Burns’ Ben Franklin documentary. The two-part documentary entitled simply Benjamin Franklin, premiered on April 4th, 2022, on PBS.

“In honor of my friends/the great Ken Burns’ new Documentary about Ben Franklin, here are a few photos of when I screen tested to play Abraham Lincoln. Burns doc is profound and so worth watching,” Burns wrote. “Now more than ever!”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Josh Lucas Shares a Passion for Sports With His Son

Though Josh Lucas wasn’t featured in Season 3 or 4 of Yellowstone, he’s stayed busy with other projects. In his most recent show, Long, Slow, Exhale, the actor plays university athletic director Hillman Ford.

Now, the series isn’t for children. Rather than a feel-good sports story, Long, Slow, Exhale follows the story of a women’s basketball team as they navigate a murder and sexual assault scandal. Josh Lucas describes his character as a “puppet master controlling things you don’t realize he’s controlling.”

With that in mind, Lucas’ 9-year-old son probably won’t be watching the actual show. Despite that, however, Noah Rev Maurer couldn’t be more excited that his father is acting in a show about basketball.

In an interview with People, Josh Lucas gushed about his son and the young boy’s passion for sports. “My little boy…he’s so crazy in love with sports,” Lucas said. “Literally, the kid wakes up in the morning and talks to me about them. You know, he called me. And he was almost bouncing out of his mind that Tom Brady is coming out of retirement. He’ll wake up in the morning and tell me about what the GM for the Seattle Seahawks is doing about free agency for a number of players.”