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‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Lucas Reveals Why His Son Called Him a ‘Fool’ During a Set Visit

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Apparently starring in one of the most popular series in America isn’t enough to grant immunity from the blunt honesty of children. According to “Yellowstone” actor Josh Lucas, his very own son called him a “fool” while on a set visit. Lucas explained the roast in a recent interview with ET.

While filming for “Yellowstone” season 5 was underway, Josh Lucas brought his 10-year-old son Noah to the set for a visit. According to Lucas, his son “knows ‘Yellowstone’ is a big success and likes watching,” at least watching scenes approved by dear old dad. Lucas recalled the story, saying, “To bring him on set and have him there, we had a great day, a rather, I must say, humbling day for me.”

Lucas continued, “It was the scene early in this season where I knock a guy out… My son was sitting at the monitor. I walked up to the guy to punch him and, frankly, I tripped. My hat fell off and I dropped my gun. My son screamed from the monitor. He was like, ‘Dad, you’re a fool!'”

He laughed, but also praised the editing team for how they fixed the final product. “I was falling apart, but they made it look good, that’s for sure,” he admitted.

Josh Lucas Talks Becoming ‘Obsessed’ With ‘Yellowstone’ While Preparing For Role in Season 5

While Josh Lucas admitted that he didn’t watch much of “Yellowstone” prior to being on the show, he also admitted to becoming obsessed with it while studying for his reprised role on season 5.

“When I first started, I hadn’t seen it. Nobody had seen it. And then I didn’t go back to watching it until [creator] Taylor [Sheridan] called me and said, ‘You’re coming back for the fifth season,'” he said. “I watched all 40 episodes in a matter of about, honestly, a week. I would fight with myself. I’d be like, ‘Josh, are you doing research or are you just binge watching television?’ But I definitely got obsessed by it.”

Lucas then gushed about being on the show. “It’s one of the best jobs ever,” he said. “Being out there in Montana, having this extraordinary dialogue, and with these horses, it is an absolute dream.”

He then recalled his first day on set. “The day I first arrived on set for ‘Yellowstone’ was one of the most amazing, magical days of my life,” he began. “Taylor Sheridan [comes by] on horseback and he basically says, ‘You ride, right?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah?’ And he said, ‘All right, take that group of cattle and bring them into the pen.’ [He] was like, ‘Roll cameras.’

“There was no rehearsal,” he continued. “They dropped you into the middle of the world of ‘Yellowstone’ immediately. It was a test, frankly […] but hey, there’s nothing like getting to go do it.”