‘Yellowstone’: Kathryn Kelly Explains Why Emily Is ‘Super Attracted To’ Jimmy

by Joe Rutland

There is some type of love connection going on between Jimmy Hurdstrom and Emily on Yellowstone. What is the attraction here?

Kathryn Kelly, who plays Emily on the Paramount Network drama, talked about it in a “Behind The Story” episode.

“He has this sort of innocence about him where like he doesn’t even know how to like play games if he wanted to,” Kelly says. “They’re in this little cafe which is so funny it’s like the only cafe around there.”

A scene with Jimmy telling Emily some honest things about his life draws this comment from Kelly about Yellowstone.

“I think that’s super refreshing and she’s super attracted to that,” she says. Take a look at this clip right here.

Kelly’s other work includes playing Angela McPherson on Nashville in 2018. She also appeared in TV and movies like Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, Mary, The Originals, Fist Fight, Powers, and Today. All of this is according to her IMDb profile.

If you want to see how this romance pans out for the rest of this season, then make sure you are watching Yellowstone.

Its next episode airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on the Paramount Network.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Doesn’t Care If Critics Hate Show

Well, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has some pointed comments for those critics who do not like the show.

Sheridan talked about some things in a recent interview. He says that he created this show to be something unique for viewers.

Oh, if you think Sheridan is looking for love from critics, then think again. This all comes from a story by PopCulture.

“I don’t care if critics hate it and I don’t care if they like it,” Sheridan says. “I’m not resentful. I just simply do not care. I’m not making it for them; I’m making it for people who live that life. The audience has expanded beyond that because, you know, a lot of people love westerns.”

Season 4 Premiere Brought Record Viewership For Paramount Network Show

On this point, the Yellowstone creator is not wrong. The Season 4 premiere that showed the aftermath of those shootings and explosions that closed out Season 3 had a record viewership.

There are people who live the cowboy lifestyle and those who simply enjoy a solid, dramatic show. It would be easy to say that Yellowstone is attractive to both groups.

Sheridan is greatly pleased with the series.

“I think one of the reasons the critics haven’t responded to Yellowstone is that I’m breaking a lot of story rules,” Sheridan says. “I’ll jump the plot ahead for no reason whatsoever except that I wanted to, and it’s entertaining.”