‘Yellowstone’ Kayce Dutton Actor Luke Grimes Reveals If He Would Star in a ‘Yellowstone’ Movie: Outsider Exclusive

by Jon D. B.
Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton) and Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) talk all things Yellowstone with Outsider. (Photo credit: Outsider)

Alongside Monica’s Kelsey Asbille, Kayce Dutton himself, Luke Grimes, was deeply intrigued by the prospect of a Yellowstone movie.

Nothing will get you excited for a new season of Yellowstone quite like speaking to the actors behind our favorite characters. From Cole Hauser and West Bentley to Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes, the cast is as passionate about their runaway hit (if not more-so) than fans. And after filming five raucous seasons, there’s one prospect that proved truly intriguing to Asbille and Grimes: a Yellowstone movie.

“Oh, a Yellowstone movie?” Asbille and Grimes swooned in tandem when I asked them if they’d be down to star in one. Whether it’s a triumphant return to audiences a few years after their final season – whenever that might be – or a spinoff of sorts, Grimes in-particular gave the prospect a deep think.

After mulling over the top-tier production value of their cinematic series, the Kayce Dutton actor was careful to answer. “I feel like we’re already making a Yellowstone movie. It feels like a movie,” he smiled to his on-screen wife of five years. Asbille readily agreed.

“I guess [it’s different] because we’ve done season-after-season, but I wonder if the experience would be much different? I don’t think so,” Grimes continued.

Regardless, there’s no doubt in this Outsider’s mind that these two talents would jump at the prospect. But neither showed the readiness that their beloved co-star, Cole Hauser, did when posed the same question.

Cole Hauser Tells Outsider Whether He’s Down for a ‘Yellowstone’ Movie, Too

When speaking to the Rip Wheeler powerhouse, we discussed everything from the train station to how he wants to see Rip grow in the coming years, to a wild grizzly bear encounter he had last year. We’ll get into those soon enough, but the brightest I saw Hauser smile was absolutely when I asked him if he’d be down for a Yellowstone movie, too.

He’s a man of few words, but Hauser’s answer is a great one that you can find exclusively on Outsider here.

Whether it becomes a reality or not, Yellowstone Movie remains one of the internet’s top-searched terms in relation to the show. As is the way with these things, though, we’ll just have to wait and see if it comes to fruition. Only one man could answer the question of “will it happen?” – and that’s series mastermind Taylor Sheridan.

For my part, I’d bet on six seasons of Yellowstone proper, followed by a feature film a few years down the line that serves up a triumphant return for the best cast on American television.

For now, it’s time to dive deep into Yellowstone Season 5. The two-hour premiere event hits week from today on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 8 PM ET, exclusively on Paramount Network. Further episodes will air each Sunday at the same time, and if they’re as good as the premiere, we’re in for a phenomenal ride.