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‘Yellowstone’: Kayce Dutton’s ‘Dark’ Argument with Monica Woke Up Something Inside Him

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

One of the best moments from the fourth season of “Yellowstone” came from a conversation between Kayce and Monica Dutton.

Reeling from the earlier attack on “Yellowstone” Ranch, Monica and Tate are not doing well with the aftermath. Kayce and Monica have an intense conversation, forcing Kayce to make a move to save his family. He takes Monica and Tate to the nearby Native American reservation in an attempt to help them heal. It seems to be working as we see Tate emerge from a sweat lodge with a smile on his face. Monica also sees to be doing much better, surrounding herself with family.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes talks about the impact that the argument scene had on his character.

“Like you said, that was a big moment for him and I think that’s when he realized he better patch some stuff up quick and figure out a solution because obviously, it had never gotten that dark between those two before,” Grimes says. “I think he was surprised that she said, ‘I hate you,’ but he was even more surprised at the way he was treating her in that moment. He’d never just flat out yelled at her before.”

Playing that in that moment, I felt maybe he felt like he was becoming more like the parts of his father that he doesn’t like or he saw that he was falling in line with the attitude of that place, and I think it scared him. You can kind of see him scared in that moment and he decided, ‘I’m going to do whatever I have to do to try to save my marriage,’ and whether that sticks, whether they stay or they do find home, I don’t know.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Off to a Rough Start for Dutton Family

In the very first episode of season four, we learn there was an additional attack on “Yellowstone” Ranch. Attackers swarm the ranch and enter the main house where Monica and Tate are taking cover. Inside the house, Monica and an assailant struggle for a gun. Seeing his mother in trouble, Tate is forced to shoot and kill the man. While Tate did what he had to so, both he and his mother struggle with the fallout. They have locked themselves in a bedroom and Tate has taken up residence under the bed, afraid to come out.

Seeing the condition that his family is in, Kayce decides some time away from the ranch would do them good. It is a smart move by Kayce and one that likely saved his marriage and family. Of course, this is “Yellowstone” and that happiness is likely to be interrupted at some point this season.

We’re halfway through the 10-episode fourth season of “Yellowstone” and we’ll get our next dose this Sunday.