‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Believes in the ‘Beautiful’ & ‘Dark Qualities’ of Beth Dutton

by Lauren Boisvert

Beth Dutton is someone who we know to be dark, intense, and one step away from crossing the line at all times. That doesn’t make her any less of our favorite on “Yellowstone.” She’s smart, sassy, and a little bit terrifying, and we love her for it. So does her actress, Kelly Reilly, who shared her feelings about her complicated character in conversation with the Hollywood Reporter and the rest of the cast.

When asked what keeps fans on her side as Beth, Reilly answered, “You know, they say that people’s opinion of you or your acting or your character is none of your business. You just kind of gotta sink into the work, so it as truthfully and authentically as you can, and keep it, hopefully, alive. And then you’re letting it go, you don’t know what people are gonna say.”

She continued, “But she’s, you know, Beth is a pretty polarizing character. And I have some people who think she’s, you know, America’s sweetheart, and other people who think she’s a monster. And neither are wrong. So I enjoy having both feet in somewhere of the light and dark, the shades […] the imperfection, the reaching for something, the total and utter devotion. ‘Cause you don’t want to be an enemy. Everyone she loves she loves so fiercely. And I think that’s a beautiful quality in someone.”

Reilly also spoke about what happens to Beth’s enemies on “Yellowstone.” She said, “And then if you’re also an enemy of hers, then you don’t want that. And [Taylor Sheridan] clearly enjoys writing that aspect, that fierceness. You know, to live out in this place, to work in the land is fierce. It’s brutal. And he finds the beauty and the poetry in the land, and the brutality and the human condition.”

Kelly Reilly Talks Being Rooted in Beth on ‘Yellowstone’

When asked about the polarizing opinions and reactions she gets about Beth — who we’re seeing a lot more of come season 5 — Kelly Reilly replied, “I think they’re just more disappointed that I am not Beth,” she laughed. “It would go down much better if I were, you know, mean to them or wanted to go tear up a bar with them or something. And then they get me and it’s a little bit of a letdown I think.”

Reilly then told a story of seeing two women in an airport with Beth Dutton t-shirts on featuring her lines. “You can’t let it infiltrate too much,” she explained. “I just try and keep grounded in it and try and just go back to the roots of it. I don’t want it to turn into a cartoon in any way. Sort of the root of her is what’s the most important, and yes, it’s fun and all of that stuff […] it’s a fun character to play, not so fun to be out in the world as the face of it.”