‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Believes Beth ‘Took Her Father’s Happiness Away’: ‘She’s in Servitude to Him’

by Jonathan Howard

The more we hear from Kelly Reilly about Yellowstone, the better. Season 5 is under production and she keeps giving us gems! Beth is going to have a lot to juggle in the new season, and a lot of people to go through. Although her dad, John Dutton, is not very happy with her it won’t make her stop trying to please him. She feels like she owes it to him.

But don’t take it from me. Yellowstone‘s leading lady broke it down while talking to Gold Derby. It revealed a little about how Beth thinks. Why she acts the way that she does.

“Kevin [Costner] and I have now been working so closely together for five years,” she started. “I love him so much as Beth…she’s a married woman now, but I think that her number one central relationship in her life is with her father. There’s so much history there. I think all Beth wants to do is make him happy. It’s not about seeking approval, but I certainly think she wants to do anything that will benefit him.”

But, why is she so dedicated to her father? Even when the Kevin Costner character rejects her, or forsakes her – she remains loyal.

“I think Beth harbors a lot of guilt and shame about some things that happened when she was younger. Most notably the death of her mother which was a tragic accident, but it was her fault. I think for the rest of her life she feels that she took her father’s happiness away. So, she’s almost in servitude to him forever and there’s something really tragic and sad and beautiful about that.”

Beth is going to be back with that same ferociousness that she’s had the last five years.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Says Beth Is a ‘Tiger’

Even after all of these years, Beth Dutton is not one to be messed with. During her time as the character, Reilly has learned a lot about how she works, thinks, and more. But, what’s apparent to everyone, Reilly, fans, and more – Beth is not one to be messed with.

“One of the best things about Beth and something I’ve tried to give her which helps, I think,” Reilly said. “But there’s an effortlessness to her. An effortlessness to her fierceness and her intelligence. And when she does go after someone like a tiger we know that’s possible. When she’s just giving insults like that they just come, they can just come, all of the comebacks.”

She’s a tiger. The Yellowstone world has a lot of interesting characters going in and out. However, none have the personality and vitriol that Beth has. She spits venom and isn’t afraid to direct it at anyone who might get in her way. And I can’t wait to see more of that in Season 5.