Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Says Beth Dutton Is Going to ‘Quietly Destroy’ Summer Higgins

by Lauren Boisvert

Beth Dutton is not someone to mess with, and as fans of “Yellowstone,” we’ve known this for a long time. Summer Higgins, who blew into town with her group of protesters, did not know that. And so, she became enemy no. 1 for Beth Dutton. Summer started getting close with John Dutton, and Beth didn’t like that one bit.

So, she arranged to have Summer set up and thrown in jail. Summer was looking at a hefty sentence, but John swooped in at the last second and called in a favor with the judge, getting the sentence reduced to 15 years because the judge still wanted to make an example of Summer. Now, “Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly says Beth is going to “quietly destroy” Summer. What could that possibly mean?

In a conversation with TV Line recently, Reilly shared what Beth really thinks of Summer. “Beth wants her father to be happy,” she began. “She just has no respect for this particular woman. She sees Summer as an enemy, someone who has absolutely no respect for their way of life. [She and her fellow protesters] just come in with this very basic understanding, thinking that [ranchers are] all just rednecks.”

Of what Beth is going to do to Summer, she said, “Beth isn’t going to walk her through it. She’s just going to quietly destroy her. And it’s so easy for Beth to do that. We know it’s so easy for her to do that! That capacity for violence and cruelty that Beth has in her is quite terrifying, actually.”

Some ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wonder if the Ranch Will Stay in the Dutton Family

We’re gearing up to see Beth at her most powerful in “Yellowstone” season 5. She’s now a married woman, stronger in her relationship with Rip and with his power to back her up. She’s survived so much through the past seasons, and some fans think the ranch could even go to Beth and Rip if John becomes governor.

Speaking of the future of the ranch, some “Yellowstone” fans don’t think it will stay in the Dutton family. In a post on the “Yellowstone” subreddit, fans came together to pose the question: “Have we forgotten about the Native Americans?”

“My questions,” the post continued, “has everyone just forgotten about the entire Native American angle? I’m so confused as to how people think the ranch stays with the Duttons. Like, genuinely baffled. To me the ranch [is] winding up with the tribe, whether through Tate or a conveyance to the tribe, has been the end game since, oh, the pilot episode.”

And, you’ll remember in “1883,” Spotted Eagle told James Dutton that his 7th generation descendant would take back the land. We know who the 7th generation Dutton is (Kayce, technically if I’ve done my math right, but it could be retconned to be Tate), but who is Spotted Eagle’s 7th generation? That hasn’t been revealed yet, but if we know anything about Taylor Sheridan’s writing, he’s not going to give us the obvious ending.