‘Yellowstone’ Stars Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser Break Down Explosive Dinner Scene

by Chris Haney

On Monday afternoon, Yellowstone shared an interview with actors Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly where the pair opened up about the newest episode’s explosive dinner scene.

The two actors portray the fan-favorite couple of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton on the hit Paramount series. The pair have known each other since they were kids growing up on the Dutton Ranch. They share a unique connection with one another and may not be your typical couple. However, Rip and Beth wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rip oversees the ranch hands in the bunkhouse and is the right-hand man of Beth’s father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). As ruthless as Reilly’s character can be, about the only time she lets her guard down is when she’s with Rip or her dad. Season 4, Episode 8 aired on Sunday night, and as always there was plenty of Dutton family drama.

During one particular scene, Beth, Rip, John, and young Carter sat down at the family dinner table. As Yellowstone fans know well, it’s a rarity the Duttons get through a meal without an argument or some type of inappropriate conversation due to Beth’s foul-mouthed but hilarious humor. The family dysfunction seems to be on full display whenever they’re sitting down to a meal. Once again, Kelly Reilly’s character didn’t disappoint in yesterday’s episode.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Says Beth ‘Can’t Stand’ the Dutton Dinner Table

During Yellowstone‘s most recent “Behind The Story” clip, Reilly and Hauser touched on the tense yet hysterical dinner scene. According to the British actress, Reilly’s character views the dinner table as a symbol of the sham that is her far from perfect family.

“She can’t stand how [the dinner table] makes her feel. She can’t stand the pretense of what we’re not,” Kelly Reilly explains about the deeper meaning of dinner time at the Dutton household.

In the scene, Beth flips out at her father during a conversation about salad with fruit in it that she says is good for his prostate. She abruptly excuses herself from the dinner table, which fans should be used to by now, and Rip follows after her to get to the bottom of it. “What kinda childhood bulls–t are you working out at the dinner table,” Rip amusingly says to Beth in the episode.

John Dutton’s daughter thinks the huge dinner table is a facade of a wholesome family, which is far from the one she grew up in. Rip wisely suggests that they move to a different table, which ends up being a surprisingly simple yet effective solution.

“Beth just goes f–king bats–t nuts. Rip can kinda pull her out of that, that kinda spinning out of control,” Cole Hauser says of the scene.

The four Yellowstone characters end up taking Rip’s suggestion and moving to the living room table. It’s smaller and only sits four people, but it suited them perfectly.

“We’re finally at a dinner table where Beth can enjoy and relax. And it frees them all up,” Reilly shared.

They end up finishing their meal and enjoying each other’s company, which seemed to be a nice change for all involved. Additionally, Rip and Beth shared one more hilarious exchange at the table that fans surely enjoyed.

“Life is plenty hard. You don’t need to help it, you hear me?” Rip says to Beth after they move to the new table.

“Are you saying I make life harder,” Beth asks in response.

“Every day,” Rip says with a smile.