‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Comments on Cole Hauser’s Post, Fans Absolutely Lose It

by Lauren Boisvert

In a recent Instagram post, “Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser showcased his horse prowess and badassery in the Montana hills. He posted a photo of himself all decked out in his Rip Wheeler gear astride his horse with the mountains of Montana in the background. Fans went nuts for this photo, with almost 93,000 likes and tons of comments.

“Peace and serenity in the mountains of Montana,” he wrote in the caption. “Thanks to Andy Maschke for my badass saddle this year on YS5.” Andy Maschke is, of course, master saddle-maker Andreas Maschke, who lives and works out of Texas. He’s been designing and handmaking saddles since he was 18, first building custom saddles in Germany and then moving to Texas. He owns Superior Saddlery, LLC in Northeast Texas, catering to a select few US and European customers. According to Cole Hauser, the “Yellowstone” gang is one of Maschke’s clients.

What’s interesting about this photo isn’t really the scenery, while it is gorgeous. It’s not about the custom saddle, which is super cool. It’s mostly about Kelly Reilly‘s comment on this photo that has fans in an uproar. “Yellowstone” costar Kelly Reilly rarely comments on social media, and occasionally posts. So, when she comes out and leaves a comment on one of her costars’ photos, it’s a big deal. At least, her fans seem to think so.

“What a day,” Reilly commented, using a red heart emoji. The comment has almost 850 likes and 13 replies. They’re all from fans expressing their love and admiration for Reilly’s portrayal of Beth on “Yellowstone,” in addition to commenting that they can’t wait for season 5, and a few praises for the landscape in the photo.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Has Fans in a Tizzy as She Comments on More Costar Posts

Kelly Reilly also recently commented on one of Jen Landon’s posts. Landon, of course, plays fan-favorite ranch hand Teeter. She posted a photo from set of herself and her horse all decked out in its filming gear: saddle, lasso, saddle bags, the works.

“I love this horse,” Landon wrote in the caption. Previously, she posted a photo with another horse where she was delicately braiding its mane. Jen Landon seems to have a special bond with the horses, and we love to see it. Additionally, Cole Hauser posted that the cast was busy “pushin’ cows in the Big Hole,” which means they were herding cattle in Big Hole Country. Could these two posts be from the same scene? It’s possible they were taking a break from filming and Landon decided to snap a pic.

But, again, fans flocked to Kelly Reilly’s comment on Landon’s post. “I love [you],” she commented. To which Landon replied “I [love] you more,” using a heart emoji. Again, fans loved the interaction. Her initial comment has 33 likes, while Landon’s reply has 25. Fans love to see the love.