Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly May Have Just Revealed a HUGE Season 5 Spoiler

by Lauren Boisvert

Usually, the “Yellowstone” cast stays pretty tight-lipped about spoilers, and that’s been no different for season 5. They’ll reveal hints here and there, like when Kelly Reilly explained that Rip and Beth are in a “beautiful, solid place” coming into the new season. But, for the most part, they’re pretty secretive.

The aforementioned Kelly Reilly, though, may have just almost given the game away. In conversation with Vulture, Reilly spoke about her character Beth Dutton, her inspirations for playing the character, and Beth’s ideal playlist. She also began to mention something else but stopped herself short.

When talking about Beth’s “tightrope between confidence and arrogance,” Reilly elaborated on her character’s strange balance between fierce and terrifying. “There’s a bit of recklessness to Beth, but also a part of her that doesn’t know how to keep the wolves at bay,” she explained. “In season four, John comes up with this idea of running for governor. That’s a light-switch moment for her. I don’t think it’s anything she ever thought he would consider doing because that’s not who he is. He’s certainly not a politician, but Beth understands this will be the way she can manipulate power in order to shut down the airport and shut down Market Equities.”

She continued, “So when he — I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you that.” Cue the record scratch moment. Wait, what? Is this Kelly Reilly hinting (seemingly on accident) that John Dutton becomes governor?

“I will say as the kingdom gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to manage,” she said, saving herself from having to reveal anything secret. “In a strange way, at the beginning of season five, Beth is probably at her most powerful. But how she toes the line of that is going to be interesting.”

Kelly Reilly Almost Lets Slip Big ‘Yellowstone’ Spoiler, Talks How Powerful Beth is in Season 5

Exploring how Beth Dutton toes the line is always one of the most exciting parts of “Yellowstone” as a series. She’s constantly putting her whole foot over the line, then yanking it back in an innocent sort of “whoops, did I do that?” kind of way. I’m waiting for her to fully cross the line and just stand there, knowing what she’s done and not giving a rat’s ass about it.

That seems a bit too on the nose for Beth, but who knows what the future of “Yellowstone” will bring? Kelly Reilly also reassured fans that “it’s not the end” of the Duttons’ story. Five seasons is a hefty amount in the TV world (not considering shows like “Supernatural,” which is an outlier and should not be counted). But, Reilly seemed confident that season 5 isn’t the end.

“People keep saying, ‘Is it the end? It must be the end,’” Reilly told Vulture. “It’s not the end.”