‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Reveals Why She Didn’t Think She’d Land Beth Dutton Role

by Lauren Boisvert

We know Beth Dutton, and we love Beth Dutton, but “Yellowstone”s fiercest leading lady, Kelly Reilly, wasn’t initially sure that she’d locked the part down. Seems unthinkable; Kelly Reilly was basically made to play Beth Dutton. But, according to the actress, she assumed that everyone would be clamoring to the part.

In conversation with The Wrap, Kelly Reilly explained that she didn’t think she landed the part at first. “I didn’t think that it was in the bag,” said Reilly. “I figured every actor would want this part.” But, she explained further, “I had such an intense reaction to the role. And Taylor Sheridan’s writing I just find so exciting and dangerous, and I responded to it emotionally.”

Back in January, Kelly Reilly spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how she found her character. Initially, she wasn’t sure she could embody Beth. “It took me a while to really find [Beth],” she said. “When I first met [Taylor Sheridan] I hadn’t found her yet, so I’m not sure what he saw. I do remember having a wobble moment where I thought ‘I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to pull this off.’ Because it is such a tremendously complicated role. I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for it.”

But, that emotional response to the character was right where Kelly Reilly needed to be; now, we couldn’t imagine anyone else as Beth Dutton. She does such an amazing job, and she needs to win all the awards, like, yesterday.

Kelly Reilly Reveals She Wasn’t Initially Sure About Her Role, Plus ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Filming Gets Underway

Kelly Reilly has Beth Dutton firmly in the bag now, and she’s not going anywhere; not with filming for season 5 already starting. The new season is set to premiere on November 13, 2022, and production is underway in Missoula, Montana. Last week, the city of Missoula posted a notice for its residents that the streets around the County Courthouse would be closed. This was due to “Yellowstone” filming in the downtown area. The city urged residents who were seeking services at the Courthouse to try alternative, online options instead.

As for what we can expect in season 5, Kelly Reilly shared what’s ahead for Beth, at least. Talking with Entertainment Tonight recently, she guaranteed us that things are still going to be as wild and crazy as ever.

“Well […] the problem is how do we top it every year?” she said. Some of the same challenges, protecting the land, looking after my father, protecting him. And just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a bit, she’s a married woman. That’s not happening. I mean, the married woman part is happening, but the calming down. So, the fierceness is legitimately leveling up.”