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‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Talks Exploring Beth Dutton’s Softer Side in Recent Seasons

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Paramount Network

Let’s be honest, there is nobody that is quite as tough as Beth Dutton on Yellowstone. With that said, she does still have a softer side.

Most of you Outsiders follow Paramount Network’s hit show Yellowstone. But for those at home who don’t know, Beth Dutton is played by the talented Kelly Reilly. In the show, Beth is the daughter of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner). The Dutton family, of course, are the owners of the Yellowstone Ranch — the largest contiguous ranch in the entire United States.

Kelly Reilly recently joined up with fellow Yellowstone actress Kelsey Asbille and Jen Landon for a new episode of The Official Yellowstone Podcast. Asbille plays the wife of Kayce Dutton, Monica, and Landon portrays the character Teeter. The entire podcast is pretty amazing, and you can check it out down below:

Meanwhile, if you are a big Yellowstone fan, then it has probably been easy to see Beth Dutton’s powerful and strong personality, especially so during the first couple of seasons. But as Yellowstone has gone on in seasons three and four, we have seen the opposite end of the spectrum of Beth. We have seen her softer side.

“I mean, it’s trickled in,” she said. “I had to earn it.”

Because the Dutton family owns such a prominent piece of land, they are constantly under threat from others. As a result, Beth has had to evolve into more than just her good looks. She had to make herself into a weapon.

“The first season it was just all brutality and strength and fierceness, which I love,” she said. “But then season two, you started to get the odd moment, you just know that there’s a beating heart in there who can be sensitive.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Loves What Her Character Does for Others

We will always remember Beth Dutton because of her fierce personality. Let’s make no mistake about that. But actress Kelly Reilly has grown to love what her character does for others.

“One of the things I love most about her when she’s in her softer moments is what she does for others. Time and time again, and I love about her what her actions are, there’s always something that she’s doing for someone that she loves. And very little is it about doing anything for herself. She’s not after power, she’s not after money, she’s not after anything other than — I don’t actually know what she’s after,” Reilly admits. “You know, those moments when she’s talking about peace with her father. Like how did you find peace? And what does that mean? Because she’s searching about it and she can’t find it.”

So, is Beth Dutton’s ultimate goal is to find peace? We’ll have to wait and decide that for ourselves.

“I love those questions posed in the middle of a Western TV show, you know?”