‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Teases More ‘Flashback’ Storylines to Come in Show

by Anna Dunn

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly just had an exciting interview with Yahoo! News. The actress, who plays Beth Dutton on the series, says there will be more storylines involving flashbacks in season 4, which comes back late this fall.

Reilly’s Beth Dutton was a major part of Yellowstone season 3’s cliffhanger, where her office explodes but she’s nowhere to be found. Many have been waiting for season 4 to see whether or not she survives the attack, but she does have some exciting info about what’s to come.

When asked about the shocking forced Sterilization plotline on the series, as well as Beth’s relationship with Jamie, Reilly talked about how useful the flashback sequences were when it came to telling their story.

“This isn’t just sibling rivalry. Taylor [Sheridan] told me. He told me what it was. I’ve always known since Season One pretty much what that was. When people were hating on Beth going, ‘She’s awful to Jamie.’ I was like, ‘Gosh, if you only knew,'” she said. But they still waited years until revealing more of their history.

“I was so thrilled that it was actually going to come out in a storyline to kind of explain it. I love that he uses flashbacks and their history. He doesn’t give it to you all at the beginning. There’s more to come. There’s way more to come. You think that’s it, there’s a lot more history. There are lots of ghosts in this show,” she said.

There’s a ton left to explore when season 4 of Yellowstone returns. The season premieres in November, but fans won’t have to wait that long for their next piece of content. The full trailer for season 4 of Yellowstone will drop tomorrow, September 2nd.

The full trailer should provide tons of new footage and insight about what’s to come. But even without the full trailer, It already looks like a lot of characters are going to be in serious hot water next season. With a season 4 tagline of “Revenge is worth the wait,” fans are holding their breaths while waiting for the show to return.

‘1883,’ A ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel, Is Premiering this Year

On top of Yellowstone returning in November, a new prequel series, 1883, starring Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith hill is coming to Paramount in December. The Taylor Sheridan-created series follows an early generation of Duttons as they head west to start a new life.

Sheridan and the production team aren’t holding back in building a set, either, wanting everything to be authentic. Production has built up an 1800s town and 30 wagon trains for the series. They’ve also hired a team of historical experts.

With both Yellowstone and 1883 coming out, fans are finally getting well-fed after over a year of waiting.