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‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley Believe Things Will Only Get Worse for Beth & Jamie Dutton in Season 5

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

If you tuned in to the fourth new episode of Yellowstone season five Sunday night, then you saw the drama and tension between Beth and Jamie Dutton essentially come to a peak. While their relationship has been anything but cordial across the last five seasons, Beth has issued the ultimate threat, promising to have Jamie’s child taken away from him forever, which is significant as Jamie is the reason she herself cannot have children. Now, as we wait to see how this plot unfolds, both the characters’ actors, Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley, believe things will only get worse between them as Yellowstone season five progresses.

Reilly and Bentley broke down their characters’ shattered relationship following the debut of episode four, “Horses in Heaven,” in a new clip. During the episode, fans got to enjoy the more light-hearted banter of the two characters as Jamie essentially frees her from jail before whatever chances they had of repairing their relationship falls to pieces.

“It’s a lot of fun for Jamie to watch Beth with cuffs,” Wes Bentley said of their scene in the Montana jail. “It’s a little win, her needing his legal expertise.”

Sadly, that fun back and forth doesn’t last very long because, as Beth flings the files in the front seat of Jamie’s car to the back, she notices his son’s car seat.

“What the f—k is that?” Beth demanded of Jamie. “Do you have a child, Jamie?”

After long hesitation, Jamie affirms her thoughts which leads to what could have potentially been a devastating single-car wreck.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Explore the ‘Pain’ Jamie and Beth Share

“Underneath,” Kelly Reilly explained, “there’s just so much pain.”

Bentley added of that scene, “It’s a huge moment between them because of the history [they share]. That is the crevasse between them.”

Interestingly, despite all the hatred these two Yellowstone characters have for each other, Bentley suggested, “I think [Jamie] feels bad. That might have been the last moment they could maybe try to find healing, and obviously, she’s not ready.”

According to Kelly Reilly, the sole reason that Beth threatens to take Jamie’s child from him is out of pain.

“It’s vile,” she added. Of Jamie, she said Beth “hates him, and I think to live with that level of hatred must be really unbearable.”

Reflecting on their final scene in the episode together, which sees Beth storming down the side of the road and Jamie driving off, Wes Bentley has planted a new seed in our minds, one that, potentially, sees Jamie making his darkest decision yet.

Running back to his car, Jamie screams into the steering wheel before a sudden sober expression, one we’ve almost become familiar with, crosses his face. Turning the car around and stepping on the gas, it seems as though Jamie plans to hit Beth with his car. In a last-ditch decision though, he veers away from her.

The Yellowstone actor potentially offered a little foreshadowing on Jamie’s part.

“She threatens Jamie’s child, and then we see where Jamie’s at and that he considers maybe taking her out right then and there. That means he might be ready to take her out period.”

Be sure to tune in to the next new episode of Yellowstone when it airs Sunday, December 4th.