‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Says She Was Able To Keep Some of Monica’s Wardrobe

by Amanda Glover

“Yellowstone” star Kelsey Asbille revealed she was able to keep some of her character Monica’s wardrobe. Now does that say “lucky” or what?

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Asbille’s character, Monica, is the wife of Kayce Dutton, a horseman and ranch hand. While her wardrobe is not super fancy, each piece of clothing seems to suit her slim figure.

‘Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille On Monica’s Wardrobe

When interviewers asked “Yellowstone” actress, Kelsey Asbille as to whether or not she got the opportunity to take home any of Monica’s wardrobe, she had an answer all ready to go.

“Well, I do have a couple of shirts that tie to the wardrobe every now and again,” the actress began. “I think also, playing a role going into our fifth season, there’s a part of her that I feel like I naturally can slip into. And I think that’s really exciting.”

Asbille continued the conversation by discussing her excitement to see how her character evolves in the upcoming fifth season of “Yellowstone.”

“I know Kevin [Costner] kind of spoke about this, but I feel like this season really hit different audiences,” she said. “It’s been super exciting to see the response to the season going this way, but I think for us, that’s just really the kind of the cherry on top. We’ll keep our heads down and go back to work. And I think that mentality is so important, because, the next season is a new season. It’s a new story, and Monica is human, so she changes and evolves. And so I’m actually really excited to see what the season brings and who she’ll be.”

Why ‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Considers Her Monica Role More Than ‘Just a Job’

While speaking with Harpers Bazaar earlier this month, Kelsey Asbille continues to discuss Monica, such as how the character struggles with finding her identity. She’s the wife of Kayce Dutton and a mother to her son Tate. But she’s also a native woman raised on the Broken Rock reservation in Montana.

“Yellowstone has always been more than just a job for me,” says Asbille. “It is a way of exploring my own origins and confronting that part of myself. Navigating where I come from and where I belong, but also connecting me to a community that has had a profound impact on my life.”