‘Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille on Kevin Costner: ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like Him Anymore’

by Jonathan Howard

While Yellowstone boasts an all-star cast, Kevin Costner is the headlining name. Kelsey Asbille isn’t afraid to admit that, either. The Monica Dutton actress has spent some time around the actor-director and has been starstruck. Costner is as good as billed, if not better.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Asbille opened up about working alongside Costner. Other members of the cast have their own credentials, but the John Dutton actor is a different breed.

“The man is a living legend,” the actress said. “He’s a true movie star, and they don’t make ’em like him anymore. So, I think that there’s an aspect of, you’re constantly … I guess forever starstruck is a good way to say it.”

From life on the ranch to local politics, and gunfights in between, Kevin Costner brings the Yellowstone patriarch to life on screen. He’s one of the biggest reasons why 11 million people tuned in to each episode last season. If Costner is part of a project, folks are going to tune in. That’s why the show is set to have an epic awards season in 2022.

“He’s had a career for a long time, but he still loves, he’s so passionate about what he does,” Asbille continued. “And I think that that’s really contagious. He’s such a team player, so when you’re working with him, you feel immediately very comfortable.”

The chemistry that the cast has with one another is apparent. Costner is the head of the Dutton family in the show, and a bit of the head of the cast family. When you have someone with the iconic actor’s experience then people listen.

Kevin Costner Wants ‘Yellowstone’ to Show ‘Violence’ in American History

Kevin Costner has big plans for Yellowstone along with creator and writer Taylor Sheridan. He wants the Yellowstone universe, including 1883 and other spinoffs, to show violence. But, in a historical setting. Something appropriate and informative and something people want to watch.

“I continue to pound them [Paramount] about our history,” Costner said a while back. “And our stories, our story’s not always a great one. There’s so much violence in America. We’re watching violence play out now across the globe, we both know what I’m talking about.”

So, don’t expect Paramount, Yellowstone, or Kevin Costner to shy away from violence. It’s an integral part of the story. The story of America and the story of the Duttons. That’s a big part of why fans love the show so much. When the story went back with 1883, the violence was on full display.

Costner and Sheridan have displayed time and time again that they are students of history. Accuracy and not sugar-coasting anything is what it comes down to. It’s led to one of the best shows on TV as well.