‘Yellowstone’s’ Kelsey Asbille Lauds Taylor Sheridan as ‘One of Our Great American Storytellers’

by Blake Ells

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is on a heater. In addition to the flagship series, the 52-year-old already brought us the spinoff 1883. He has an expansive deal with Paramount and he’s virtually responsible for half of the network’s programming now. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s 1923 is on the way. There’s a Bass Reeves series coming, too.

Sheridan just took over as showrunner for his creation, Lioness, which will air on Paramount+. His stories are in high demand.

Production is underway on season five of the flagship. National media and critics started catching on to the show’s popularity during season four. Now, everyone is talking about the series. Cast members sat down with The Hollywood Reporter, among other outlets, for an in-depth discussion about how they arrived at Yellowstone. Kelsey Asbille says that she’s in awe of Sheridan’s prowess.

“I started working with Taylor on Wind River,” she said, referring to Sheridan’s 2017 film starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner. “So he contacted me and told me about Yellowstone. I sound like a broken record, too, but I’d follow him anywhere. He’s one of the great American storytellers. At this point, we’ve kind of become his – we’re a little traveling circus of his. I love telling his stories.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ Traveling Circus

It wasn’t the first time that Asbille, who portrays “Monica” on the series, has made a reference to the circus.

“That’s really, really special,” she told Taste of Country in May. “I really love these people, and I think also because he always…he brings us back. There’s a certain loyalty and familial quality to all of his sets that even though we are covering pretty tough subject matter, we’re in it together. I would say we have a lot of fun off set, as well, to make up for the dark themes.”

In that interview, she also praised her legendary co-star Kevin Costner.

“The man is a living legend,” she said. “He’s a true movie star and they don’t make ’em like him anymore.”

The 30-year-old actress has been in a number of television series. She had roles in Fargo, Teen Wolf, Embeds and One Tree Hill among others. She clearly knows she has something special with the people she is now surrounded by.

Taylor Sheridan is Busy

In addition to Yellowstone, everything that surrounds its universe and Lioness, we’ve learned a lot about Tulsa King in recent days. The mob-themed series starring Sylvester Stallone is coming soon, and we’re learning more about the plot. We’re also learning more about cast additions.

The “great American storyteller” has woven quite a universe. Will any of his worlds ever collide? It’d be cool, right?