‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Says Taylor Sheridan’s Belief in Her Changed Her Life

by Courtney Blackann

No one can argue that “Yellowstone’s” Kelsey Asbille isn’t a stunningly talented, gorgeous actress. However, sometimes the qualities people notice about us are the hardest things to identify ourselves. But thanks to Taylor Sheridan, Asbille says it’s the writer/creator’s belief in her that helped to change her life.

Speaking in an interview with Movie Web, the “Yellowstone” actress discussed Monica’s evolvement throughout each season and the success of the series.

While Asbille never expected the Paramount hit to be as big as it’s become, she knew the project was something special. Colliding two worlds of cowboys and Indians in modern times is something that’s completely gripped the nation.

And Asbille is a major player in the Western drama. But she wasn’t always confident in herself. Taylor Sheridan has really been a driving force in her confidence and her growth as an actress.

“I feel really lucky, you know, because Taylor is just such a fierce advocate. Sometimes I feel like people believe in me more than I do, and I think that that vote of confidence has really changed my career, and it’s changed my life. We’ve also had a lot of the same cast and crew since when Wind River, we’re really like a traveling circus crew all together, but I think he does that for everyone really, he really empowers you through his belief in you. So I think it’s really been a real blessing in my life,” Asbille remarks.

“Yellowstone’s” Kelsey Asbille Reflects on Monica’s Strengths

Throughout each season, Monica has only garnered strength as she endures the Dutton lifestyle with Kayce. But with each obstacle, Monica also establishes herself and her culture as a strong, native woman. She spoke of the importance Monica plays when trying to find the person responsible for abducting and killing women on the reservation.

“When I first read I didn’t really realize it was a sting,” she says. “I think she (Monica Dutton) gets to control her narrative — which I think is so important. “It also kind of confronts the violence and can also honor the strength in Native Culture as well.”

She also adds:

“Monica really looks to her people and her culture as a way of healing,” she says. “I think there are some really beautiful moments in this season, especially with Gil and Mo. I really love that we are diving back into that world.”

And the “Yellowstone” actress’s culture is only highlighted even more during the show’s latest season. In it, Kayce, Monica’s husband, embarks on a vision quest where he seeks to find his true path. This doesn’t turn out with sunshine and rainbows where Kayce and Monica are concerned. In fact, during the season finale, we learn that Kayce and Monica might not last – but that’s the only info we have until a “Yellowstone” season five premiere later this year.