‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Grew up Very ‘Conservatively’: ‘I Actually Thought the World Was Flat’

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, life is a wild ride. Yellowstone star Kevin Costner recently opened up about his upbringing a bit while talking about his hypothetical retirement. At 67 years old, the actor shows no signs of letting up soon, but that could change in a moment. He doesn’t want to count out any possibilities.

Part of the human experience is going through ends and beginnings. When one chapter closes, another opens up and leads us to another route in life. We never know what might be right around the corner, or how long our current journey is going to last. For Kevin Costner, that means being real about his future.

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Costner talked about his childhood a little, how it was a little different and the lessons he takes away from that experience.

“I just feel like, listen, when I was younger, I grew up in such a conservative way,” Costner said. He’s not joking, either. “I actually thought the world was flat. I mean, I didn’t know what was possible for me – I came up with a really good foundation, but I thought there was a lot that I needed to learn. There’s a lot that I still need to learn.”

Sometimes, John Dutton isn’t always the most flexible when it comes to his views. However, that’s not how Kevin Costner approaches life in his own day-to-day. He knows there will be things he doesn’t do in the end, but maybe that’s just part of the whole journey anyway.

“I mean, what I will regret when I do leave, shuffle off, you know, it’s probably books I’ll never have read, and songs I’ll never have heard, the stories. There’s stuff left,” he explained.

Kevin Costner Believes in the Dutton Story

When you start to look at what Taylor Sheridan has done, he’s made an entire universe. Mostly based around the Dutton family. Kevin Costner has been there from the beginning and has watched it all develop. Branching out from that main story has been nothing short of awesome so far. With 1883 showing us the pioneer story of the family, and 1923 on the way.

Those generations are what makes the story so deep. And, it’s something Costner says makes the story strong.

“What you’re seeing out there is not fiction,” he said of the storylines in the historical prequels. “You’re seeing generations of people who held onto the land. And it’s the strength of the show, at least I think of Yellowstone. Besides the colorful language, besides the characters that you wish you were.”

Those stories have already begun to be told in 1883. Kevin Costner might know a little more than we do about the future projects coming out. But I’m sure that 1923 and other Dutton stories we get in the future will be a great continuation of the story, the themes, and the history of the Sheridan-built universe.