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‘Yellowstone’: Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes Open Up on Kayce’s Big Decision in Season 4, Episode 4

by Jennifer Shea
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In Season 4, Episode 4 of Yellowstone, Kayce (Luke Grimes) finally decides to do something about his traumatized family. With Tate (Brecken Merrill) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) holed up in their room all the time, never going out or interacting with others, something had to give.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the new episode and want to watch it for yourself, read no further.

Kayce reluctantly opts to move his family to Grandpa Felix’s (Rudy Ramos) place on the reservation. Monica is overjoyed by the decision, and leaps up to pack her suitcase as quickly as possible. Tate seems happy at the news, too, though he wants to know where Kayce is going. Kayce tells his son that his place is with his young family – they’re all going.

In a new episode of Yellowstone’s “Behind the Story,” Grimes and John Dutton actor Kevin Costner talked about Kayce’s big decision and the family dynamics at play in the move.

“To do what’s right to sort of heal his family, he decides to leave the ranch again,” Grimes says of his character. Kayce knows that being at the Dutton Ranch is eating away at Monica. And Tate has a fresh traumatic memory there – of having to kill a man to protect his mother – to process. Being in the place where it happened isn’t making that any easier.

Still, Grandpa Dutton seems saddened by their departure, though he bears it stoically.

“We understand how much John Dutton wants his family around, but we also understand the dynamics of being here,” Costner explains. “John is holding on to the five generations of Duttons never leaving. [But] where she feels comfortable is where he needs to go.”

Watch the two actors open up here:

In Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 4, Two Brothers Commiserate

Meanwhile, Kayce is also tending to his family of origin. He has more faith in Jamie (Wes Bentley) than Beth (Kelly Reilly) does, perhaps in part because he doesn’t know what Jamie did to Beth. And when Kayce goes to meet with Jamie and tells him that he loves him, Jamie responds, “I love you, too.” They’ve both had a hard time in the wake of the attacks on John, though unbeknownst to Kayce, Jamie has been busy bonding with his biological father.

More to the point, Jamie seems to prove Kayce right about him by readily agreeing to help Kayce arrange an interview with the inmate who put out a hit on his adoptive family. He doesn’t hesitate, proving that he had no hand in the attacks, as Kayce swore to John he didn’t.

But things get a bit more complicated when Jamie learns that the inmate was his biological father’s cellmate. It’s a harrowing coincidence, and one that will surely weigh on Jamie and test his loyalty to the Dutton family. Is Kayce ultimately right about Jamie? Or is there too much about his adoptive brother he doesn’t know?

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