‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Opens Up About Meeting up with ‘Field of Dreams’ Costar Dwier Brown

by Jonathan Howard

With the recent nostalgia trip that Major League Baseball brought with their Field of Dreams game, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner has shared some great memories. Recently, Costner broke down his relationship with Dwier Brown, the actor who played his father in the legendary baseball film.

In two great pictures, Costner shared from the past and present. With a simple black and white photo, showing the two friends shoulder to shoulder and a film still. Of course, Dwier Brown is younger than Costner. Although, that’s how the film works, isn’t it? Joking aside, the post was a wonderful tribute to his friend.

Over the years, Brown has been one of the biggest proponents of the film. While the film has had a great number of fans, Brown has done a lot of work to make it the cult classic it has turned into. There are few sports movies better than Field of Dreams.

Kevin Costner, who now stars in the Paramount+ drama Yellowstone, wrote, “Another highlight from #MLBBatFieldOfDreams — getting to see @dwierbrown, who played my father, John Kinsella, in the film.” Over the years, Brown has worked to bring Field of Dreams into reality like in the recent MLB game. Costner also commented on this work as well.

“He’s brought our movie to life in so many ways over the years. Check out his page for a masterclass in all things Field of Dreams,” the veteran actor said of his former co-star. All these years later, it is great to see the two stand side-by-side.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere Date Reactions

Fans of Paramount+ drama, Yellowstone will know that the season 4 premiere date was recently announced. With a sneak preview of the upcoming season, the show promises high stakes early. Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, rancher and family man. With just one, brief word, Costner reacted to the preview that showed his character struggling to live. “Bliss.”

Of course, Kevin Costner isn’t the only star reacting to the news. Even Finn Little, who will play Carter in the upcoming season put out a reaction to the news. And, he was a bit more elaborate with his response despite being just 15 years of age.

“Chilling out at home. The music; the cinematography; the storylines; the horsemanship; the characters’ the cast’ the set design’ the costuming’ the locations’ the history lessons…. EVERYTHING!! So proud and grateful to be a part of season 4 of the incredible YELLOWSTONE. Getting closer! @yellowstone Season 4 coming soon! Giddy Up!” He shared with a cowboy emoji and heart emoji towards the end of the post.

Clearly, the excitement is high for the new season. Season 4 debuts on November 4th on Paramount+.