‘Yellowstone’: Is Kevin Costner Producing New Project a Bad Sign for John Dutton?

by Courtney Blackann

We’ve long seen “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner take an interest in Western films. Throughout his storied career, he’s appeared in a number of projects that highlight the push and pull of Native American culture alongside rugged outlaws. With his latest project, Costner takes an in depth look at indigenous communities and their plight. The “Yellowstone” actor will also star in a new film later this year. So what does that mean for John Dutton?

Could Costner’s new projects mean that John Dutton won’t have a central role in “Yellowstone’s” upcoming season five? Or worse, could the character be killed off entirely?

There’s no evidence that the “Yellowstone” character won’t be pivotal in the latest seasons, but Costner is taking on some new projects which will require most of his time. “Onward” is a new docuseries about indigenous cultures and their traditions. It will highlight both their culture and their struggles as a community.

Producers for the series say that they hope to “create an intimate portrait of family and community life that celebrates the diversity of cultures–many of them at risk of extinction–across the world.”

Further, Costner is devoting efforts to his new film “Horizon.” This Western won’t begin production until late August. However, the “Yellowstone” star is essentially putting the film together himself. He will star, direct, produce and even finance the film.

Needless to say, 2022 is going to be a very interesting – and busy – year for the actor.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor is Respected by Co-Stars

One thing that keeps Kevin Costner motivated is the passion for the projects he takes on. From “Wyatt Earp” to “Dances With Wolves” and “Yellowstone,” when he makes up his mind, he’s all in.

This quality is also noticed by his co-stars, who say he’s incredible to work with. Cole Hauser of “Yellowstone” discussed his onscreen and offscreen relationship with Costner. He detailed why he garners such respect from everyone around him.

“I mean initially, he’s somebody I’ve been watching from afar for 30 years,” Hauser shares. “The opportunity to work with him at first was great, and then getting to know him and his passion for not only acting, but for John Dutton and the show was wonderful to see,” Hauser says.

He continues,  “We’ve become great friends and he’s just a lovely guy. He’s from the same hometown that I’m from, he’s just down the road. So we had that in common and he’s like an older brother, y’know? It’s nice to look up to somebody and see someone as passionate as he is.”

“Yellowstone” season five has been given the go-ahead and we should see new episodes sometime next year. We were left with tons of questions regarding the Dutton family – and there’s so much drama left to unfold.