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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Shares Music Update Alongside Epic Cowboy Photo

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone’s” patriarch John Dutton aka Kevin Costner is sharing his cowboy side in another facet of the actor’s talents. While he’s busy keeping the Dutton family name in good standing, avenging those who made attempts on their lives, he’s also busy creating new music. In a recent post, the actor and singer shared that he’s been working on a thing or two.

Next to a photo of himself leading a horse out of its stall, Costner shares that he’s “adding more cowboy music” to his list and kindly requested suggestions of inspiration from his followers.

“I’ve been adding more cowboy music to my Spotify playlist…visit the link in bio to listen and let me know in the comments what other songs I should be listening to!” he captioned the photo.

Additionally, while Kevin Costner has solidified his name as a top-tier actor and producer since the 1980s, he’s also been making music since 2007. With his band, Modern West, the group has been creating folksy tunes and touring parts of the United States since that time. The group recently played at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas to a packed crowd.

Kevin Costner & Modern West’s Veterans Day Tribute Song

Further, Kevin Costner & Modern West released “Untold Truths” as a debut album in 2008 and since that time, they’ve released four more studio albums. Most recently, the group released “Tales From Yellowstone,” which is written from the perspective of John Dutton. Some of the tunes can even be heard in the background of “Yellowstone.”

“This project was really special to me and the band—a chance to get into the mind of John Dutton, my character on @yellowstone, and express his emotions musically,” Costner explained on Instagram, per The Pioneer Woman. Songs from this album are featured throughout season three of “Yellowstone,” which you’ll notice.

Additionally, Costner recorded a song honoring veterans for this past Veterans Day holiday. “The Angels Came Down” is a tribute to those who’ve lost their lives – most notably during the Civil War.

 “‘Angels’ was just one of those songs… We were coming back to Nashville and rehearsing and playing a lot as a band. John Coinman had this bad habit of wanting to smoke, but not smoke around anyone else,” he laughs. “Sometimes, his way to kill time would be to walk in graveyards and cemeteries in Nashville.”

After Coinman’s journey through a cemetery in Nashville, he sent some lyrics over to Costner. The song was so compelling, Costner knew he had to record it – even saying it was one of Coinman’s best ever. He went on to say:

“That’s a hard thing to say to a songwriter. Because John has written so many beautiful songs. He is so truly gifted, at least in my mind and those who work around and know him. But I did! I said it, I blurted it out and told him ‘This might be the most important song you’ve ever written.”